Born day II

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On 1st March 1542,
In Bejolya,
At the royal palace,

Rani Hansabai was resting on her bed in her room as she was 9 months pregnant.
She was soon going to give birth to a very special girl. A girl who would be an exception in the whole country,an extra ordinary girl.A girl who would create a new world history.A girl who would​ be an example,idol for many people in the world.
Maid: Ranisa, there is letter for u.
Rani H: Go away from here.i don't want to read any letter.(irritated)
Maid: the letter is from Maharani Jaivantabai.
Rani H:what!(exclimated happily) . Why din't u tell me before. Now give it to me fast.(ordered)
The maid handed the letter to Rani Hansabai.
She opened​ the letter and read it

Dear Hansa,
How r u ? Are u taking good care of yourself? U better take because the Comming child is not only your but even my child.
  I have written this letter to u for a very specific reason, and that is to tell u what all your sweet lil boy has done.Yes, i am  writing​about Pratap. He has not even compleated 2 years, and he has started walking, kicking, punching.
After seeing all​ this Ranaji (Maharana Udai singh) did not scold or shout at him but he says that let Pratap do what he wants because his progress in this tender age in the indicator that he is not a ordinary person. He is extra ordinary. May be he shall not get to enjoy his childhood when he grows up ,I mean he might have to fight wars and take up responsibilities very soon.
I am missing you a lot dear. Hope to meet you soon. Till then take care.
Your friend

(All her anger vanished and she was happy again.)
Just then suddenly she shouted in pain.

Rani H: Ouuchhhhh!
Maid: R u alright Ranisa. Should I call the doctor ?
Rani H:yes Plz faster.

The doctor came and checked her pulse why she was shouting in pain.The doctor said that it was dilivery time. This message reached Rawat Singh and he came all the way running and stood impatiently​ outside the room. The door was locked . He had no idea what was happening inside. He was tenced, worried.

Just then a maid came out and....

Maid: congratulation! It's  a princess.

Rawat Singh immediately removed his chain from is neck and gave it to the maid. And asked if he could go inside now on which the maid said yes.
Ha soon as he entered the room he smelled a sweet and positive aroma. He understood that the princess was not a ordinary one but born for  a veey specific reason. His eyes searched for his lil princess.

He took her in his hand and raised her towards the sky and announced"AJABDE! AJABDE RAWAT SING  is born.  She is unique , she is born with a sweet aroma and positive wibes.So she will be called 'AJABDE' ".
He kept her back on the bed besides Rani Hansabai and looked at her to ask about her health.

Rani H: Happy?U wanted a girl right.
Rawat S:Yes . I wanted a girl. I am very happy today. Thankyou , thankyou for everything.
Rani H: there is nothing to say thanx about it. But I give u the huge responsibility of making her a unique child. When ever she would stand in the crowd she should be the spotlight. Promise me that she will be a unique child.Promise me.
Rawat S:Yes dear I promise you to do so.Our daughter will be 1in billion girls.She will not only work in the palace but also will learn sword fighting ,horse riding and will fight with me in the wars. She will be capable of handling both the responsibility of a princess and a worrier. She Alone will be capable of fighting against10,10soilders at a time. She shall be a rare combination of a  brave worrier, intelligent​ person,and a obident girl.
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