13 | Savage Part 2️⃣

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Congrats to anyone who have met Keith yesterday and the day before yesterday...

Keith heads towards Y/N's way and stares up and down her body frame before speaking. "Hey Y/N." Keith said with a smile. "Let me guess, this is your party and your house?" Y/N asked with her arms folded. "You guessed right sweetheart. It's jumping ain't it?" Keith asked and looked around for confirmation, everyone was having a good time. "Yeah, I ain't really a party type of person but I didn't have nothing else to do." Y/N confessed.

"Well since you are here you can dance with me. You want a drink?" Keith asked and pointed to the built in bar in his dining room. "I don't drink and why should I dance with a boy that stay messing with me, and ooohh so love to hit on me." Y/N said with a smart attitude. "Oh cmon Y/N, you know I just be playing when I be hitting and messing with you. I just liked to see you and Troy reaction, it was funny." Keith said in all honesty. "Please don't say his name!" Y/N exclaimed. "Ok ok, I am sorry." Keith instantly tells her as he seen her getting tensed by his name.

Y/N sighed, she lowkey felt bad all over again, remembering how she picked up that phone call and discovered he had a whole other female to call girlfriend as well. "Look, loosen up Y/N. It is the weekend, you are at a party and you're single! Just enjoy your time here. You can be with me for the rest of the night, I'll make sure you leave this place just fine. Cmon, lets have some fun. Don't be mooping your ass around in my house looking so sad. You're too cute for that." Keith said and smirked instantly. Y/N looked up at him, and chuckled at his little flirt line he threw at her.

Keith grabbed her hand and walked her to the bar. Woody and Algee was watching them the whole time. "Yep, Keith's fucking her tonight." Woody said while nodding his head. "Yep." Algee said, nodding with him and drinking more out of his red plastic cup. Suddenly, a girl walks up to them and smiles into Algee's face. "Amour?" Algee asked while looking at her in a confused state. "Hey guys! Hey Algee, hehe. You are coming with me cutie pie." She said. She leans into his face with a smirk and pulls him away by grabbing his collar. Algee blushed and couldn't get any words out as he was right behind her, heading upstairs.

Woody smacked his teeth. "Being single is boring." He said out loud, watching how most of the dudes in the house had a girl with them. "Tell me about it." Bryshere, a friend of his, said as he approached him and stood beside him. "Nigga where did you come from? And I ain't know you was coming to the party." Woody stated in a confused state of mind. "Man Keith told me to come out since I never see or be with the gang no more." Bryshere responded. Instantly after his statement, a girl approaches them again, this was a different one. "Bry, I am so glad to see you here. How about you come with me upstairs, I got an offer that you can't refuse baby." Mani stated while turning around and brushing her ass against him.

Woody smacked his teeth and groaned in annoyance while looking away. Mani giggled and grabbed his hand while walking away. "I am so sorry man but I got to go." Bry said, he shrugged his shoulders at Woody while being taken away. "Bruh!" Woody screamed out.

Keith and Y/N approached the bar as his friend, Elijah, was serving everyone's drinks. "Elijah how are you holding up." Keith said as Y/N stood beside him. "Man I got the bitches over here going crazy with the beverages! I told you that my secret drink will have everyone addicted now look at them! Everyone is packed over here trying to drink it all!" He exclaims in happiness. "Nigga I hope you ain't put no crack or meth in that shit for them to be going crazy for that. I don't want any of that in my house." Keith stated. "I got you Keith I got you!" Elijah said as he understood. "Fill me back up and get another cup with the same thing I just had and hand it over to her right here." Keith instructed as he pointed to Y/N at the end of his sentence.

Elijah handed him two plastic red cups that were full of strong flavored alcohol. Keith handed Y/N one and took a big gulp of his. Y/N looked inside of her cup and was kinda hectic about drinking. "You punking out on me!?" Keith teased. "No." Y/N said and started drinking. It was so strong on her taste buds, she grew a look of disgust and discomfort on her face that made Keith laughed hard. "Cheer up, you'll like it sooner." Keith told her then he turns to Elijah to talk to him. "Aye! Algee and Bry really disappeared!" Keith exclaimed.

Y/N was slowly devouring the beverage down, now she had 1/4 left in her cup. She can feel her system changing, she was now tipsy and on the edge of being drunk. Suddenly, 'Them Other Girls' by Jacquees started to play. Y/N had let the music take over her mind and she slowly rolled her hips around while holding her cup close to her. Keith looked at her with dominance. "Cmon, you look like you want to dance." Keith said, while grabbing her hand and leading to the dance floor.

Once they have gotten to the floor, Y/N was in front of him with her back pressed against his chest. "I am glad to see you finally loosening up." Keith said in her ear, he held onto her hips as she grinding on him. Y/N gave him a giggle and sipped onto her beverage a little bit more before speaking. "You ain't loosen me up, yet." Y/N stated and looked at him. His eyebrow rose and he gave her a questioning look.

The more she rubbed her ass against him, the more he couldn't restrain himself. His hands went to rubbing onto her hips all the way to rubbing and caressing her thighs and ass as well. "You can't be doing this to me." Keith whispered in her ear, in a sultry tone. Y/N licked her lips and continued assaulting his groin with her ass. A lot of couples were on the floor dancing on each other so the two fit right in.

'West District' by Partynextdoor was now playing and Y/N squealed in excitement. "I use to loovveee this song." Y/N slurred her words in happiness. She turned around and wrapped her arms around Keith's neck. He chuckled at her as she laid her head onto his chest and swayed her hips. His hands rested back onto her hips while they dance. Y/N was so tipsy, she can feel horniness overriding her other feelings. Y/N licked up Keith's neck and kissed on it. Keith instantly almost choked on his spit from her action.

"So that is what we doing now?" Keith said, his hands slowly led to her ass and he made sure to give her a hard squeeze. Y/N gasped and can feel herself getting blushed, hot and bothered. "How about we take this to the room." Keith stated in her ear, he turns her around and walks her to upstairs towards his room while he was walking right behind her with his package poking her ass purposely.


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