Strawberry Wine by Darly Jamison

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This is book is by popular Wattpad writer Darly Jamison monrosey

This book certainly does not disappoint and is a real page turner. The writer has a lovely flow with words and you are drawn immediately into the world of the characters. Addison thinks she knows where her life is going until fate deals a turn.

Addison path crosses that of her first love Jake and as she feels her heart in disarray, as she has to decide if to listen to the last words her grandmother said to her and follow her heart and give love a chance. A heart warming romance that keeps you turning those pages and feeds the soul until the end. I have only read the published version which is a longer version of the unedited Wattpad version but the heart of the story is the same. The characters leave an imprint on you, well after the last page has been turned.

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Reviewer: wrightstory

Blurb: Inspired by the song Strawberry Wine) EXPANDED PUBLISHED VERSION NOW AVAILABLE!!!

"You're so beautiful," Jake murmured as his fingers worked their way down, much lower than they'd ever been before. Sharp tingles shot throughout my body and spread to my core in electrifying waves. How was it possible to feel scared and exhilarated all at once?Small-town girl, Addison Monroe, has plans to make the most out of the summer before her senior year. Once school begins, she'll be bogged down with the stress of college applications, making her precious free time a distant memory. Her vacation would consist of sizzling days at the beach, rowdy bonfires at night, and avoiding the bully who'd been her date to junior prom, no matter how hard he persisted. Falling in love had not been on the agenda.That changes when college man, Jake Grady, enters her life. Employed by her grandparents to work at the family farm for the summer, Jake ignites feelings in Addy she's never felt before, and is dying to experience again. She begins to fall fast for the sexy Texas cowboy and soon realizes that once break ends they will be forced to say goodbye forever.Follow Addy as she stumbles through a summer of first loves, first times and first heartbreaks, and find out why the summer she turned eighteen became the most memorable summer of her life.*Strawberry Wine is loosely based on a song by the same name, and is the winner of The Write Affair contest sponsored by Wattpad and Kensington Publication. The revised novel will be published in both print and eBook January 31, 2017, what you're reading on Wattpad is the original first draft!*Join my email list for book giveaways and more!

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