Sometimes I wonder what possesses people to do certain things

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Sometimes I wonder what possesses people to do certain things. For example, why would someone paint a picture of childrens blocks with a barbie sitting on top of it? I've never felt more confused, especially when this person was a senior.

Then again, it is realistic with the texture of the toys and part of me wants to touch it. I can see the talent clearly but why toys? Blinking a few times I go to move away when an arm drapes around my shoulder.

"There's seriously some weird ass art in this place," Blair mumbles quietly over the music playing faintly through the studio. "I guess there's a reason why I didn't pick art after all."

I chuckle and gesture to the work in front of me. "What do you think this is about?"

"Clearly it's about the gender expectations forced on children," Furrowing my eyebrows I look at the blonde who smiles sheepishly. "I read the plate. They all have them and honestly are the greatest creation in this place."

Her head flicks to the plate stuck to the wall beside it. How did I not notice that? Exhaling I start to move along with Blair following before we stop infront of a collection of sculptures that look deformed from human beings.

"I think you were right about the plates being the best thing in this place." I mumble discreetly when someone else looking at it gasps and starts talking about it like it's perfection.

"Society's pre conceived judgements," Blair nods and drops her arm from my shoulder and links our arms to walk away. "In all honesty it looks like they were dropped and super glued back together."

I bite my lip to stop a laugh from escaping. "Maybe us coming wasn't the best idea for Taylor."

"Of course it was," Blair scoffs, stopping in the door frame. "We're here to support her. I just think we shouldn't be let lose in the symbolic area."

"Oh my god what are you guys doing here?" Taylor whispers harshly as she approaches us. "I thought I told you not to come because-"

"We aren't going to embarrass you," I state giving a smile. "Besides. We want to see what you drew that got you featured."

Her eyes narrow in the slightest. "I know you two don't understand art well. You-" She looks to Blair. "-think everything is always dramatized and you can't pick up the simple of simplistic concepts."

"Well that's harsh," Blair let's out a low whistle. "But we're here to support you whether you want us to be here or not. So are you going to take us on a tour or allow us to walk around mindlessly and probably annoy other art goers?"

Taylor inhales. "Please don't say anything that could jeopardize this."

"Taylor! Would you join us for a moment? I want to introduce you to someone." Mrs James calls out elegantly.

I see Taylor calm herself before walking over to the group. Watching on I notice three adults all dressed up glamorously with two other students beside Mrs James. I go to follow Blair when she walks off but stop noticing the person beside our art teacher.

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