I was listening, feeling and watching Eric. His mind was running; heart racing and his words were scrambled. Eric was always so collected and together, it was hard being on this end of the confusion and chaos.

"Eric, I can't take your uncertainty. As you've told me a hundred times, just calm down and spit it out." I grabbed the sides of his face softly and he took a deep breath. It was nice to know I have the same calming effect on him as well. I leaned forward and kissed his lips. "You can't get rid of me now, so please just come out with it so we can move past it.

"Alright, well here it is. Remember, you said you'd let me finish my whole story and then you can freak out on me. Promise me again that you'll just... Promise me you won't leave." Eric wrapped his arms around me and held me tight, saying over and over in his mind that he couldn't lose me, not now, not when he just found me.

"I promise. I promise I won't leave you, now or ever."

Eric took a few deep breaths and started his story. "I'm not who you think I am, or rather what you think I am, but because of what I am I have to find my other half within a certain amount of time or I die.

I was listening to Eric but his story just missed so much detail that it was hard to understand. "Wait, wait, wait. Are you purposely putting all these holes in your story or are you really just trying to keep me in the dark in hopes I won't ask questions?" I didn't want to snap at him but he was going through all this effort to tell me and he may as well just spit it out!

"Dammit, alright. I'm a vampire. When you were dying, I gave you some of my blood so you wouldn't die. It's started the change and since you are my other half, our bonding has started as well."

I looked at Eric but I couldn't feel anything. I looked into his eyes and I wasn't scared or even shocked, which only freaked me out more. I slowly removed myself from his lap and sat down next to him, keeping my leg brushed up against his because I was trying not to freak him out but running away altogether. I needed to think about this rationally.

Since I'd woken up from my accident, I'd felt different, better than I had in years. Eric made me feel safe. Eric brought me happiness; something I didn't think was possible in my life. I think I'd be alright with this as long as I had more information. "Eric, I...”

"Slone, I'll answer any questions you have, ask away." The smile in his voice and on his face was beautiful and laced with relief. Before I could even ask one question, Eric's lips were hungrily seeking mine, making my head spin. He moved to my cheeks and then kissing all over my face, making me laugh.

"I'm sorry; I'll stop and let you ask whatever you need to." He moved back from me slightly, but the distance between us was painful. I pushed him down on the couch and lay on top of his body, making sure I could still see his reactions when I asked my questions.

"Alright, Eric. Time for the tough questions." I cleared my throat, readying myself and he winked at me and took a deep breath.


"How old are you?"

His eyes closed and he said, "I was hoping you'd skip over that, but seeing as I'm telling the whole truth, I'll be five hundred in just under a week." He opened one eye to look at me. My mouth was hanging open in shock.

"Well, you sure can work it for being an old man." I laughed, causing him to laugh and tried to think of what I wanted to know most.

"You said the bonding process was started. What happens next, do I have a choice, what do I have to do, how will it affect me, will I be me still?" I had to stop to take a breath and Eric started laughing so hard I was bouncing on his chest from his body shaking.

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