Introduction Part 1

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12 th June 2017 All Rights Reserved.

This is the latest story I have to share. This is just the introduction. I hope it sounds interesting. let me know what you think?

This story will be coming soon. After I have finished the others.

Thanks for your future support, Lyn A.C.H.

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Ganny's POV..

From the air we breathe to the water we drink, everything comes with a price. There wasn't anything that was free anymore.

Nearly everywhere you look, water is partially if not mostly contaminated. Science has whipped up the public into a frenzy about the germs that invade everything around us. If it's not the germs, it's the pesticides that are sprayed on everything to keep things 'healthy' for us either to eat or to drink.

'Wash your fruit and vegetables' we are always told when you buy them from the supermarket. You have to wash the residue of the pesticide off them before we can consume them. In the old days, when we picked our fruit or pulled up our veggies, we just brushed them before sticking them in our mouths.

Everything was more healthier for us.

When the scientisits decided to help by inventing seeding to dispel the storm clouds from damaging crops and livestock, no-one thought that the chemicals that they used would affect our water and food supplies. But they did. And they still do.

I remember my mother once saying that we can't even trust using the water out of the towns water supply that comes through our taps onto our gardens anymore. Contamination was everywhere and in everything now.

Why else would we have the many different illnesses and the diseases that we have today?

So, now everything comes at a price. But the most expensive thing is something that was found a few years ago. Something that none of us ever expected or saw that would ultimately affect us.

It was something that caused a few of the local families to make the hardest decisions of their lives. They fled. They took their families and fled out into the country never to be seen again. That was when the auction started.

An auction that was run by those who were considered to be the scion of society. The nobles who thought that with their names and positions, they could buy anything they wanted. They are the ones who set up the auction. They were the ones who saw what worth there was out there to be had and exploited.

They were the ones to hire the hunters. The hunters who went out and searched for the families who had left the society behind to live healthier lives free from contamination and free from the Scions, as we started to call them. But they didn't bring back just anyone. Oh, no. They searched for the ones who would bring the most worth to the table.

They could be either young men or women. Some as young as fifteen. But lately, their search has focused on bringing back females. Females had more worth since they bred healthy children. Especially those who were found coming from a large family.

That was where the worth of a woman was now. In her ability to breed. Not that we knew it. Not until we were caught. So when they wanted to see what our worth was. We showed them.

A woman of worth is a woman of honour.

A woman of worth was a woman who protected those less fortunate and younger than her. A woman of worth will fight to free those who she loves.

A woman of worth will die to protect those in her care.

And a woman of worth will kill to ensure the survival of those who look to her for their very survival.

A woman of worth like me.

This is my story. A story that couldn't be believed unless you were there.

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