Chapter 25

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Jack P.O.V. (Surprise! We don't get much of Jack...)

I wasn't scared. This guy was just a bully. Ok, a bully capable of killing us but all he really was, was a coward, taking out the blame and his anger on others.

As we were carted one by one to separate rooms, I silently thanked Niall for getting that right. I never would've remembered that, not with all the drama and the stress despite being quite a level headed person.

I watched as Niall was thrown into one cell, rather roughly with his hands bound so now way of breaking the fall. There came an agonising shout from his cell, making me wince for him.

Jade and Jesy suffered the same fate until it was my turn. They carelessly pushed me into the cell, making sure I tripped at some point and fell. I landed right on my nose.

Pain shot through my face and weaved through my body like burning liquid scorching my cells and skin. I clenched my eyes shut and gritted my teeth, growling back a scream.

I held my breath, mercilessly waiting for the worst of the agonising pain to go. I let out a relieved sigh as a slow numbing feeling eventually began spreading over my face, like cold water to a burn.

 My heart beats began slowing, the steady thumping beat smoothing out to normal pace.

Wriggling around for a bit I managed to get into a sitting position. My hands were bound at an extremely uncomfortable angle behind my back.

I looked around the room, taking in the plain grey smooth concrete floors and white walls. In the corner was a small room. I decided to look at it later.

On the far side of the square room, high in the wall was a small square window, striped with thick black, rusty bars.

I sighed, and bum-shuffled over to a wall. Once I arrived, I managed to squash myself up into standing. I smiled, happy at my work and found my way over to the room.

I stepped inside the arch, and noticed immediately the floor changed to white grotty tiles.

In the corner was a bucket, and in the other corner an extremely run down shower with rusty handles and a wonky head.

To my right there was a small basin and above that a dislodged cabinet with the mirror doors swinging gently. I wrinkled my nose in disgust at the unkemptness of the place.

Having an idea, I took a step back and swung my leg forcefully upwards, smacking against the swinging door until it came flying off.

I smirked and peered inside. To my delight, there was an extremely old shampoo, conditioner and a box of razors. I brought my leg up again and caught it on the shelf.

Luckily the whole things wasn't very high so it wasn't too strenuous. I shuffled my foot along and swept the box of razors off the edge of the cabinet.

Since everything was so old, it just shattered with the impact of hitting the ground. I crouched and groped around before my fingers clutched one.

I used the mirror on the still hanging on to watch what I was doing as I set to work on sawing at the bonds of rope around my hands.

Zayn P.O.V

Shit. Shit, shit, shit. We rifled through the bags and quickly got changed, the girls wearing black skirts or shorts and the boys in black skinnies.

Perrie was in a cropped black top while the rest of us were in T-Shirts that were far too big for us.

We made our way quickly down the streets, and soon found ourselves in harbour view. Perrie suddenly recoiled.

"We really shouldn't go that way!" she cried. She turned away from the darkening road, hding herself in my chest.

"Hey, calm down..." I soothed, stroking her back. I looked around to Liam but was met with Louis and Harry in the same situation.

"Pezza, what's wrong with that way?" I asked. She shuddered.

"It feels wrong. Bloody. You can feel the waves of evil spiralling off it." Perrie's voice was tinged with a sort of alien tone. When she spoke again, it almost sounded electronic.

"I just feel so automatically repulsed by that road."

"Maybe we should go that way then."

"WHAT?" Perrie removed her head from my chest to gape at me.

"But Zayn-"

"Hey, if you feel repulsed, doesn't that mean that there is something down there, something you really don't like? Like... Oh I don't know other hybrids being treated foully? Or the place where you were treated foully?"

Perrie stopped and gaped at me before nodding and telling us all to go this way.

Louis was practically hugging Harry the whole way as if he could block him from the dark waves of evil apparently radiating off the building.

When Perrie stopped and claimed this was the building we didn't even question it. We piled inside, splitting up but soon finding a tunnel with the word: HYBRIDS written in bloody dripping letters across the walls.

Suddenly something shifted in the darkness behind us. I whirled around, my heat beating a hundred times a minute. There, emerging from the sickening black, a tall, muscular figure loomed over us.

He cracked his knuckles and cocked  gun, gesturing to something behind him. As he did so, three other men appeared from the dark, all grinning evilly, showing off their yellow, rotting teeth.

Perrie gasped and dived headfirst down the tunnel, I quickly followed, ushered in by Liam who threw Harry and Louis in before charging in himself.

We tumbled down the ladder, slipping on the slimy grotty substance spread over it. I winced as painful shocks spurt through my feet as they hit the floor to hard, but ignored it and took Perrie's hand, charging down the corridor and into the distant light.

Little did we know what lay ahead.


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