Whiskey Neat

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Rule Number Six: Never go out for brunch with your family. Avoid the curly headed boy at all costs.

Despite popular belief, I hated suits, they're rather tight around the neck, stiff on the shoulders and they don't pose well on a hot day. But something about a suit made you rather sharp looking. Women couldn't resist a man in a well-tailored suit, it gave them the impression that you were put together and well thought out. Rose loved me in a suit, at first, I allowed myself to believe that she actually had thought about me as an attractive person rather than a toy.

But I soon figured out that she figured people took me more seriously in a suit, they were easier to con that way. And she was the biggest con-artist I knew.

My mother called me early this morning to ask me to attend brunch with Ana's family at the Waldorf. Considering how the night went on Friday I wasn't exactly jumping at the opportunity. Two things came to mind the more I let it settle in one I couldn't possibly let my mother down more than I already had, and two Ana would be there.

Despite the confusion of Ana abruptly leaving the other night, I wasn't one to be pegged as a person that gave up. It sounded sick but I still had to find another way for her to trust me. I had to make this end whether it took me sleeping with her or plotting something different entirely.

I wouldn't say I was cruel, it would be the best for her, she was twenty-two things would change for her, other opportunities would arise. Her sob story of no one wanting to be around her was utter crap. Looks weren't her problem, the repellent of being as exciting as drying paint was her problem

Jesus, I shook my head, how did I possibly go through with something like this? How did I get a prude that believed in love and marriage to sleep with me on a whim? She was loyal to my brother even though she didn't know him and was basing her fairy-tale on a made-up thought. It would be a hard shell to crack but I was up to the challenge. I hadn't accomplished much in my life, and sadly even though this accomplishment was rather fucked, I wouldn't feel bad about it when Tom ended up where he should be.

I rushed into the dining hall not bothering to make eye contact as I sat in my seat.

"Oh, Harry sweetie, it was so nice of you to join us" my mother cooed, brushing the stray strands of hair that had landed on my forehead back.

She was my biggest cheerleader, the only one that had faith I would get myself out of the mess that I always found myself back in. My father drugs me back into her grasps every time, and although he supported me financially so that I wouldn't have to feel the wrath of my shitty decisions, I knew he loved me more than anything.

Tom was pure gold, while I was silver in a trophy case.

"It's great your hanging around more Harry, we missed you" Tom added looking up from his phone momentarily. My hands gripped the armrests on the chair a little too tightly, I had to stop myself from launching across the table to strangle him.

Even when he should hate me, he found himself grateful for my presence and for that I hated him even more.

"I'm happy to be back" the lie slipped from my tongue, I hated it here so far. The only reason I stayed was that of my mother. The condo was decorated in an ultra modern way that made me feel as if I was in a dull movie, and it didn't help it was impossibly cold most of the time. I hated the smell of New York and the way that everyone was dreadfully rude about everything.

A warm smile that made me want to be a good person momentarily came across my mother's face. She babied me, I was her last born and so she spoiled me. Maybe that's why I failed so badly.

"I'm just happy to have both my babies back in the same place. Especially since one of them is getting married!" she smiled even more widely at Tom from across the table. I rolled my eyes picking up the menu. I hoped she wouldn't dare ask me my opinion.

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