A Promise

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"Please spare my child! I will do anything! Please spare my child Empress!" a beautiful lady was on the floor begging the woman standing in front of her. 

The lady that was begging was no other than the favored concubine and the person that she was begging to was the Empress. 

"If I spare your child then I will be sent to the cold palace! I am an empress, but the king wouldn't even come and visit my room anymore because you! If I let this child live and she grow up to be as beautiful as you, then my daughter might not get any love from his majesty! I already lost to that consort who bore his majesty a son! If your daughter is more beautiful than mine then what will become of me and my child!" the empress raged. 

She kicked the concubine back but the concubine still crawl back up to her and begged. 

"Please spare her! I will make her wear a mask and rumor that she is ugly! I will also not accept the king's favor anymore and will enter the cold palace. Just please don't kill my child! She's only a month old" the concubine begged. 

She was crying hard and holding onto the empress's skirt. 

"Fine! I hope you keep your words! And if she ever takes off her mask, I will make sure she will face an accident that would make her loose her life!" the empress threatened. 

She turned around and left the concubine's room. The empress's personal maid followed her. The concubine ran to her child who was laying on the bed and crying. 

"It's alright. Mommy will protect you" the concubine said. 

*Ten years later 

A little girl ran out from her room. On her face was a silver mask. Her body was delicate and beautiful, but her face was a mystery. Over the years, the concubine was sent to the cold palace for denying the king's visits. She started to wear a silver mask on her daughter's face at the age of one. The two now lives in the cold palace together and were looked down upon even by the maids. The little girl ran to a tree and sat down. 

"Thank you Mr.Tree for giving me shade" the little girl said. 

Her voice was like a robin's songs. A ball suddenly rolled up to her feet. The girl picked it up and looked at it. 

"Hi there! That's my ball. May I have it back?" a boy asked. 

The girl stood up and gave it to the boy. 

"Who are you? I don't think I've seen you before" the young girl said. 

"I am the King of the East's son. My father came her to make peace and he brought me along" the boy replied. 

"Then I greet your highness" the little girl bowed. 

"There is no need. Who are you then? What are you doing here alone for? Come out and play" the boy said. 

The little girl lowered her head and shook it. 

"I can't. This is the cold palace. The other consorts and concubine said that this place is for people who are no longer loved and needed, but my brothers and sisters said that this place is for  ugly people like me. You shouldn't be here if you're that handsome" the little girl said. 

"You can't be ugly. You're so nice and your voice is so beautiful. Take off your mask and let me see your face" the boy said. 

"Handsome Brother, I am not allow to take off my mask. My mother said that if I take it off, I will die" the little girl said. 

"Then you don't have to take off. May I at least know who you are?" the little boy asked. 

"I am the second princess" the little girl said. 

The boy smiled at her. 

"Then let's make a promise" the boy said. 

"Okay!" the little girl replied. 

"When I become king, I will marry you over to my kingdom okay?" the boy said. 

"Okay! I'll wait for you Handsome Brother" the little girl say with a smile. 

"Then let's pinky swear on it" the boy said. 

He put out his  pinky and the little girl wrapped her's around it. They lift it up and touched their thumbs.  The girl smiled brightly at the boy and he smiled back. They let go and looked at each other. The boy reached his hand up to his head and pulled out his golden hair stick. 

"This will be our promise keeper" the boy said. 

He stuck the hair pin into her hair. 

"You look beautiful" the boy complimented her. 

"Prince! Crown Prince! Where are you" a woman's voice called. 

"Ah! I have to go!" the boy said. 

He waved her good bye and ran away. 

"Lifen! Where are you!?" a woman ran out. 

"Mom!" the little girl yelled. 

The woman ran to the little girl and grabbed her hand. 

"Let's head back. The king has a guest today, we can't be out here" the woman said. 

"Yes mother" the girl said. 

The two walked back into their room. The woman quickly locked it and pulled her child over to the vanity. She untied the strings at the back and the mask slipped down. A face as beautiful as the sunset was revealed. 

"My daughter. I'm so sorry" the woman said. 

"It's alright mother. I know you love me" the little girl turned around and said to her mother. 

"My child is the best" the woman said. 

She bent down and planted a kiss on her daughter's forehead. 

"I love you very much my dear"  the woman said. 

*This is Lifen's mask

*This is Lifen's mask

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