Imagine 1

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To start this off, imma do a sexy one😉😏 BUT ^^^ 😵🤤


You waited for your boyfriend, Jungkook to get home from practice. He called you earlier saying he was going to be home early today. You were always happy when he gives you that news.

You sat on the love-seat in your living room. You were watching Hwarang while waiting patiently for your loving boyfriend to arrive.

•10 minutes later•

"Baby, I'm back!" You heard that voice that you love dearly and jumped up and ran into his arms.

He was quite surprised at the sudden movement you had made. You hugged him tightly.

"Oh! Hey baby girl. How was to- Is that my sweatshirt?" He smirked a cute smirk and you nodded.

"Yes. I got cold so I took it. It looked warm and it is so, mission accomplished!" He chuckled at your words and you smiled.

He kissed your lips softly but it was sweet. You kissed back immediately. "I missed you." You said pouting.

"I missed you too yeobo." He smiled. He then went upstairs and closed the door to the bedroom.

He came back down within a few moments time and he had changed his clothes. He was wearing some basketball shorts and a white T-Shirt.

You now just had his long sweatshirt covering your body along with your underwear and bra. He smirked and got on top of you.

You looked into his eyes. They were so full of lust. You were about to speak but before you could he smashed his lips onto yours.

He slid his hands up the sweatshirt you had on and started feeling your stomach. He soon found your bra and unhooked it.

He soon got it out from underneath the sweatshirt and threw it aside. His hands reached back up the sweatshirt and massaged your breasts.

You let out a soft moan as he began to suck on your neck, leaving a hickey. He smirked against your skin and he lifted up the sweatshirt.

You covered your body with a blanket and hid your blushing face.

"Come on Y/N. There's no need to be shy with me." Jungkook said softly.

"B-but I'm not confident in my body." You said shyly and lowly.

"But you're beautiful. Every single part of you is. There's nothing about your body that will scare me away." Jungkook smiled a sly smile and you felt better.

He slid the blanket off of you along with your underwear. He took a look at you and sighed.

"Wow. How did I end up with such a beautiful girl like you?" He questioned himself.

You smiled and he kissed you hot and rough. You could feel him rubbing your heat as he trailed wet kisses down your body.

He inserted his tongue into your heat and you bucked your hips. Causing his tongue to go in farther.

You moaned louder as you felt pleasure overwhelm your entire body. You felt your stomach twist and you panicked.

"J-Jungkook...I'm gonna..." He pulled his tongue out and you pouted. "Not yet baby." He smirked.

He slid his fingers into you and you arched your back. You tried your best not to moan but you couldn't because his fingers skillfully know what they're doing. He started curling his fingers inside of you. You looked at him and his eyes were dark.

He slid down his boxers and pushed into you. You felt pain rush through your body. He stayed in the position and let you adjust to his size.

After a few minutes you nodded and he began to thrust. You got your fingers tangled in his blonde hair.

You needed more, so you started to beg. "Jungkook....faster." He started to slow down and you looked at him angrily.

"Not until you call me my special name." He smirked.

You didn't obey so he completely slid out of you. You looked at him and he was about to get back dressed when you started to rub yourself.

He looked over at you and you looked into his eyes. "Please daddy...I need you more." You begged.

He smirked and looked satisfied so he slid back into you and allowed you to adjust a little more again.

After a few seconds he started going faster and faster. You moaned and screamed his name. He kept up the pace until he started to slow.

"I'm gonna.." He said. "Me too. Me too. Just a little more please." You said. After a few more thrusts you felt your stomach turn.

He came inside of you but at the same time you came on his member. He pulled out of you and you both were all sweaty.

You both got dressed as you heard a car door close. The boys were coming over for Namjoon's birthday.

You quickly ran upstairs along with Jungkook to fix yourselves. As you were finishing your mascara you heard laughing.

You looked over at Jungkook smiling. You looked at him confused until you see a blue packet in his hand.

Your eyes widened. "Jungkook!" You yelled. He just say there smiling his adorable smile as always.

"What happens if-" He cut you off. "If I was scared of you getting pregnant, I would've put it on." He smiled to the side.

Smooth Jeon Jungkook. Smooth

You finished and ran downstairs to see all six boys in the living room. You widened your eyes. "How'd you get in?!" You exclaimed.

"Duh. You have the worst hiding spot for your house key." V held up your house key while everyone else chuckled.

"Have fun?" Jimin smirked. You and Jungkook rolled your eyes and say down ready for a fun night.

"Gear up for tomorrow. Because we aren't finished yet." He whispered huskily into your ear.


Was the first one good?? I don't know how to feel about it tbh.

Sorry if it was bad. But anyways, I will update daily and my updates shall be fast.

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