Dinner date+Louise

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Dan and Phil had been texting back and forth the entire weekend, with the often visit the bakery to see Phil. Dan could feel himself falling more and further for Phil.

Louise began to worry about who exactly Phil was, she had heard only good this, but after Dan's last relationship she was still cautious of him. Walking into Phil's room she found him sitting on the floor of his bedroom pacifier in his mouth, while he colored in a book.

"Dan," she called gaining boys attention quickly "I was thinking you could invite Phil to dinner if you'd like?" Louise questioned with a warm smile.

Squealing Dan jumped up quickly"Realy!" Danny slurred around his pacifier, giving Louise tight hug.

Hugging back Louise nodded her head,"Of course love, I'd love to meet him." She said as she let go of the hug.

After saying a loud 'Thank you!" Dan ran to his phone to call Phil.

Who answered after two rings with a cheerful yet soft "Hello Danny."

"Hi Philly, I was wondering if you would like to come over to eat dinner with Louise and me?" Dan asked hoping his crush would agree.

"I would love to come see you and to meet Louise. "Phil agreed rather quickly, know how protective Louise was over the boy and he wanted to make a good impression. "When should I come over?" Phil asked the excited boy.

"Within the next hour please," Dan told him and soon their conversation was over as Phil began to get ready.

He was unsure of what to wear but settled on skinny jeans and a button-up shirt covered in cats before he got in his car going to Dan's house. Nervous filled Phil as he got closer and closer to his destination, as he prepared himself he thought about Dan.

Through the few days, the boys had known each other Phil had a huge crush on him. He wasn't sure why he likes the boy, it was everything. His childlike innocence, sweet personality, his light skin that seemed to radiate happiness and his brown fluffy hair you wanted to run your finger through. There was no one thing that made him like the boy, Dan was simply himself and that made him beautiful. 


While waiting for Phil to arrive Dan began to 'clean' up his room. Not that it was dirty but he was riding all of his little stuff. Mainly just the pacifiers, clips, toys coloring boots and bottles that littered his room. Though he kept getting distracted because the movie that was playing, but thankfully everything made it into his closet only minutes before Phil arrived.

Running to the front door Dan pulled it open jumping in the older boys arms. Phil caught him hugging the boy back until a throat cleared them. Looking up they were met with a very amused Louise.

"Hello Phil, why don't you guys come inside?" She suggested

Opening the door more for the boys. After taking his shoes off Dan guided his friend to the living room followed by Louise.

He sat awkwardly across from her with dan at his side leaning into him."It's nice to finally meet you, Dan has told me a lot about you." Phil said first offering Louise a warm smile which she returned.

"It great to meet you too, Dan also talks about you quite a bit." She said happily before drilling Phil with questions.

"How old are you?" She started, not stopping with questions once she got an answer, being 20.

"Where do you work? Are you in college?" She asked, Louise didn't think a baker salary would be able to support 2 people and she didn't want her friend to be on the streets.

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