Kade's P.O.V. 13

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Inviting him over? Dude, your fucking apartment is a disaster, now you have to run and get it cleaned up. You're not even a good cook. All you have is frozen pizza, cheap beer, and a couple different types of junk food.

"What are you thinking about?" Ace asks from my side. We were currently on our way to my apartment and I was nervous. I haven't had a guy over in years. Big Ben and his kids visit sometimes, but it never really happens. I usually visit them.


"Then why are you so, pensive?"

"Uh, my place is a disaster? I wasn't planning to have anyone over, so. Also, I only have frozen pizza. I live alone, I barely cook and it's embarrassing." he laughs and takes my hand in his.

"It's not embarrassing. I haven't had frozen pizza in years; college years." I don't say anything.

"Seriously, ba-Kade, I don't care. We could be eating spaghetti from a can, as long as you are my company I don't care what we have."

"Thanks, but I hope you don't run away." I feel my phone buzz making me check to see it was Ben.

"You're Welcome" What?


"Big Ben just texted me saying you're welcome. What does that even mean?"

"He's you're friend, you tell me."

"I don't know." Ace parks in the apartment parking lot and we get out. I see Big Ben and I walk towards him.

"Can you make sure your guys don't do anything to my boss' car? It's not from the neighborhood, it's a hot car and I don't want it destroyed, stolen any of the above actually or anything I missed. And what does 'you're welcome' mean?" He laughs and looks behind me to where Ace is standing looking at us.

"I'll let them know. You know no one will do a thing if the car belongs to you or anyone of us. I got it and you'll see. Now, bye, go have fun"

"Thanks, and okay."

"Come on, you're car is safe and I still don't know what that 'you're welcome' mean." When I get to my floor I open to know exactly what Ben meant. He cleaned up my place, and my frozen pizza wasn't frozen and there was a nice table, and everything looked nice.

"I thought you said your place was a mess."

"Well, I guess Ben finally used the spare key in case of an emergency. I kind of told him I invited you over and how everything here was a mess. Guess he helped me out." I throw my bag in the corner and turn to face Ace.

"Definitely not your place, but it's cozy. Make yourself at home and I'll go change." I walk into my room and throw on a pair of short and t-shirt and walk out to see drinking a beer I'm guessing he took from my fridge.

"So, pizza is ready. Want some?" He nods and I make my way over to the oven and take it out. I serve Ace two slices to start and place two slices for myself before I hand him one plate and we sit on my little dining table.

"Are you and Big Ben really close?"

"Yes, I don't know where I'd be without him and his family. They helped me a lot. When Lucas found me like a year and a half later, Ben helped me out. I haven't seen him since then and no he's not dead." I say laughing when I see Ace's eyes open wide.

"Oh, shit for a second I thought he was 6-feet under ground"

"No, they sell drugs and try to make a living Ace, they're not killers, I mean they do have handguns and shit, but they're not killers, especially Big Ben. He has a family; a family he loves."

"I see. He's huge and scary, I wouldn't mess with him."

"I wouldn't recommend it anyways." He laughs and finishes his last bite of pizza.

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