Chapter 26

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Years, and years have past. And I mean years.

Sebastian is grown up now, has his own family, he's so much like Taylor is crazy.

I am old now, very. There's Wrinkles on my skin. My hair isn't it's beach blonde anymore, it's short and white. I can no longer walk on my own, I need a cane. I wore glasses, my eye vision is poor.

I sat in the hospital chair in Taylors room. He has been sick for quite awhile, but his time was coming soon, very soon. Too soon.

I cried silently to myself until Taylors frail voice spoke up.

"Babygirl, are you okay?" he asked.

I still melted when he said that.

I reached over and held his hand, "Taylor, you are my world you know" I said.

"You are my world too"

I looked over at his heart monitor, his heart beats were getting slower.

"You are the reason why I am here today, I was a complete wreck, you hated me, only because you didn't know how to express your feelings to me. You've helped me through EVERYTHING I can't believe that your mine. You were so much more than what I thought. You are my first and last kiss, I love you so much Taylor" my voice shaky.

" I love you Sarah, you are my world. I don't want to leave you, but I will meet you again soon. We will live forever. I love you more than words can describe, you changed my life. You are there for me. I love you." He told me, his voice shaking too.

I leaned down and kissed him passionately one last time, he kissed back sweetly.

Then I heard it, the heart monitor reached a flat line.

That was it, my world, gone.

I cried harder than I have ever cried before.

When I had met Taylor he was such a douche, I thought he was a terrible person. Little did I know, he rocked my world, and stole my heart. Taylor Caniff was so much more than that.

We'll that's it, it's a wrap.

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