Authors Note

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Alright guys so I missed last week, I know, I'm sorry🙁😬 I had finals and I really had to study✍️📝 because STORY TIME👐 so since Spanish isn't a regents course if you reach a certain level☝️☝️☝️ you don't have to take the finals😁👍 so I'm all hype🤑🙌 because I got a friggin 90 something in this lady's class💪💪💪 so the DAY BEFORE THE FINALSSSSS they wanna tell me I have to take the test...


So ANYWAYSSSS I'm studying my behind off because I'm not tryna fail so✌️🙄 But yeah, and just if you're wondering (which you probably aren't tbh😂) the finals went well😊👌 my cramming actually worked thank GOD🙌🙏 and I gotta take my regents this week😫😖😭 so imma just wing it🕊️ because I'm not stupid so I'll pass for sure.

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