Chapter 1

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Chapter 1:


I woke up to the sound of my annoying alarm clock. I hit the off button. Put my glasses on and dragged myself to the bathroom. I did my daily school routine and slipped into my normal outfit.

Skinny jeans, 'Obey' shirt and my white high-cut converse shoes. I tied my hair in a side fishtail.

I grabbed my backpack and phone and rushed downstairs.

"Morning Hannah." I saw that Megan was eating breakfast.

"Hey. Where's dad?" I said while reaching for the cereal box in the cabinet.

"He said he's on a business trip. He'll be back on Sunday. I'm on a day off today so you want me to drop you at school?"

"Uhm. No thanks. I'll just walk." I said with my mouth full. After breakfast, I brushed my teeth and walked to school.

| At school |

I walked to my locker and placed some of my books in. But then someone slammed it so hard that my hand was in so much pain.

"Please.. Open it.." I whispered. It hurts so much.

"And why would I miss four eyes?" Taylor said with an evil grin. Yes. Taylor Caniff. The leader of the bullies.

I really wanted to kick him in his package. But I knew that once we go to the principals office, they'll blame me for doing this and that. Blah blah blah. Such babies.

| I'll skip the day at school coz its too much |

TGIF. I was glad today's friday and no school next week due to some construction and stuff. I was on my way to the parking area where Megan would usually pick me up.

I went through the gate but I felt someone grab my arm so tight.

"Oh hello four eyes. Where do you think you're going?" Cameron dragged me behind the parking area while holding my arm so tight. There's no way of escaping coz the guys were around me.

"I'm.. Going--" I felt pain when Nash punched my right cheek. I was speechless. But to be honest, that punch didn't really hurt.

"Here's another one for being so annoying!" Matt kicked my side which made me tumble down.

"And here's another one for being a jerk!" Carter yelled and kicked me in the other side of my body. I felt my glasses flew and all I could see was nothing but a blur sight.

"We wish you didn't exist! You nerd! Fool! Ugly duckling! You should kill yourself!" I heard Taylor yelling at me. Well that kinda hurt.

I saw a figure infront of me. I think it was Shawn. Wait. Why is he staring at me? I was searching for my glasses but someone handed it to me. I had no idea who it was coz once I put it on, no one was there. Weird. Everyone in school hates me.

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