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Sam's POV
I woke up to a noise in the kitchen. I looked on the other side of the bed to see Jess sound asleep. I slowly got up. I walked to my closet and got a bat. I opened the door slowly and started down the hall.

I tip toed down the stairs and towards the kitchen. I didn't see anyone. I started to walk around the counter. "AHH"me and my brother screamed. "WHY DO YOU HAVE A BAT"Dean yelled. "WHY ARE YOU IN MY KITCHEN "I yelled back.

"WHY ARE YOU TWO YELLING "Jess yelled. I set the bat on the counter. "Dude. Why are you in the kitchen "I asked. Trying to calm down. "Well. I wanted it to be a surprise. To say thanks for letting me stay here. But some idiot can downstairs with a bat. "Dena said.

I rolled my eyes. "Be quiet next time. "I said. "I was trying to. But since you don't put things back in the right place. I had to look around and a glass broke. "Dean said.

"It's ok dean. Thank you though"Jess said. I smiled. "Yeah. But I can't cook so I will now buy you both coffee and muffins "he said. And smiled.

"Ok. Let me get dressed "I said. "Can't. Visiting my mother. Bring home muffin please"Jess said. "Of course"I said. She smiled. And walked back upstairs.

"Now will you tell me what color her eyes are"he asked. I shook my head. "You can see when you see colors. K. Until then. Imagine "I said.

He groaned. "Bitch"he yelled. "Jerk"I yelled back.

Castiel's POV

I woke up to screaming. Coming from the room next to mine. "Gabriel shut up"I yelled. I got up. "No there is a mouse in my room. "He yelled back. "Leave it be. "I yelled back. I grabbed some clothes.

"Maybe if I ...."I heard glass break then lots of things fall and a big thump. I grimace at the sound. "Note to self. Never throw glass at mice. They will attack"he yelled.

I was about to say something but just shook my head and walked to the bathroom to take a shower. How I agreed to live with my brother. I will never know.

Dean's POV

We started walking to the impala when Sam stopped. "What. "I asked. He shook his head. " I feel like I should remember something. But I don't know. "He said. I shrugged.

"Whatever "he said. I nodded. Once we got into the impala we drove off. "So directions please"I said. He nodded.

"So. Any dreams last night?"he asked. I rolled my eyes. "If you asking about the wings. And if I saw them. Yes I did. "I said. He nodded. "What about you. See the other person in your dreams?"I asked. "The last time. There's no other person. It's Jess I don't know why we have different necklaces. "He said.

"Sam. You can tell me the truth. Can you really see colors. "I asked. He looked down. "Yeah. I can. "He said. "What color are my eyes?"I asked. I always wondered that. I never asked someone cause I didn't know if they could see colors.

"Dean"he rolled his eyes. "What. I always wanted to know."I said. He smiled. "Nope"he said popping the "p". I rolled my eyes. "Your a real jerk you know that"I said. "Hey. That's my line"he yelled. "Line? This is real life. "I said.

"Shh"he whispered. I gave him a confused look. "You scare me sometimes. You should know that"I said. "Just be glad I'm not possessed by Satan or drinking demon blood. Or soulless. "He said.

"That's oddly specific. Sammy you ok. What shows are you and Jess watching?"I asked. He smiled. "It's a joke Dean. Just relax. Don't make yourself go to hell because of me. "He said.

"Ok now I'm really worried. "I yelled. He laughed. "Turn left. "Sam said. "Ok"I said. "Left here. "He pointed. "Ok "I said.

"Dena left now. Now. What are you doing "he yelled. I did an illegal left turn. If that is even possible. And Sam just stared at me. "What is wrong with you"he asked.

"Just be glad I......I got nothing "I said. I shook my head. "So. Hear form Lisa at all?"He asked. I shook my head. "She wants nothing to do with me. Same goes for Ben. They both hate me. "I said.

I turned right and into the parking lot of the Cafe. I parked it and looked at Sam. "But hey. I'm fine. And I promise I will move out by the end of the month. "I said.

"Dean. You said that last month. We don't care. We like you living with us. "Sam said. I shook my head. "Sam. I feel like I'm screwing things up. You probably wanna get married and have kids. And I'm stopping you from a lot of things. "I said. He rolled his eyes.

We got out of the impala. "Your fine Dean. I had to live with her brother for a couple weeks. And it was terrible "He said. I laughed. "Really. What was his name?"I asked. "I forgot. It was a while ago. Before you know. Lisa kicked you out. "Sam said. I nodded.

We walked into the cafe. And I saw him.

Black hair
Blue eyes
The necklace. It was a wing. A silver wing. With a.
Tie on it?

'Mine has a dagger and his has a tie. Wow. Matched from heaven they say. 'I thought.

"Castiel. My favourite person here"Sam yells. "Screw you Sam Winchester. "I heard a female voice yell. I laughed. "Hello Sam. And this must be your brother dean. The famous chocolate chip muffin lover. "Castiel says. I smiled.

I always have my necklace hidden so I wasn't to worried. Just don't touch him. If he is truly my soulmate.

"Usual please"Sam said. Castiel nods. "Of course. Same goes for Jess's order?"he asked. Sam nodded. Then a red head walks or of the kitchen.

"Hey bitches. "She said. I smiled. "And who is this. Must be the famous Dean Winchester. Hi. I'm Charlie "the red head said. I nodded. "Does this one talk"Charlie asked.

"Shy one we have. "She added. I laughed. "Only around strangers "I said. "Oh. But I'm a good stranger. A stranger that will kill you if you make one wrong move on close friends. "She smiled. I nodded.

"Good. Oh hottie 12 o'clock. "She walked towards another red head. And well I heard a lot of flirting and some things I didn't want to be reminded of.

"So. Castiel. How was yesterday?"Sam asked. "No one. Maybe my soulmate died or is somewhere else. "Castiel said. "Don't worry. You will find them. "Sam said.

"Have you found yours?"Castiel asked me. "No. Not yet "I said. "May I see your necklace. It's just a weird habit I have?"he asked. "Um.....I don't think so. Sorry. "I said. He nodded.

"It's ok. I didn't mean to make you uncomfortable "he said. Sam coughed. "Jeez it's like watching your OTP just stare at each other. God. Well I have work and so do you. See you later Cas"Sam said.

Castiel nodded. "Yep. I'm always here"he said. I smiled. "See you later. "I said. He smiled back.

Castiel's POV

As he grabbed his coffee I saw his necklace chain. I followed it down. And saw a shape. A very familiar shape. A wing. And what looked like a small knife.

I was brought back to the real world when I heard him ask if I was ok. "Perfect. "I said. He nodded and left.

"He's cute "Charlie said. I nodded. "You saw his necklace?"she asked. I nodded.

"And?"she gave him a look. "Same"I said. She screamed and everyone was starring. "What. Oh shut up and get your muffins you pigs. "She said. My eyes widen.

"Hmm. What should I call you to. Cean. Deastiel. Deancas. Destiel. Perfect. "She said. "Your crazy"I said.

"And your in love"she said. Back. I smiled.

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