Meeting the parents

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Sooo... Hi there. I know it's been three years since I updated this and I am terribly sorry. God I'm an awful human being aren't I? But hopefully the next chapter can make up for it.


After Louis had replied to Eleanor he sighed and put his phone on his desk. He didn't doubt for one second that he wasn't going to go back home that night and that he probably needed to pack some clothes, charger, and his toothbrush. He couldn't be arsed with the condoms and lube and hoped Eleanor wouldn't press it that night. He opened his closet and pulled out his gymbag and emptied it of any content before shoving some jeans and a button up down there and then throwing it over his shoulder. He shut the closet door and left his room walking into the hall to grab his keys. Entering the living room, he called his goodbyes to his family and gave each of the twins a kiss on the head when they came running towards him to say bye. "Don't be gone too long..." Daisy mumbled around his leg, a slight frown on her face. Louis chuckled and leaned down to properly hug them both. "I'll be back before you know it. Now behave alright girls? I love you." He gave them one last squeeze before standing back up and heading for the car.

Meanwhile Eleanor was sitting on her ass in the living room watching keeping up with the Kardashians and typing away on her pink Iphone a slight frown on her face. The girl groupchat on Facebook was blowing up about some party that she really wanted to go to, but she already promised her dad she'd go out with them later. But at least they did not have to go out for dinner anymore. In the last second Harry and Liam decided that they could easily cook a meal instead and that it would be much nicer for the first time they met his little girl's boyfriend. Harry, having never met the guy before was very nervous. He had hoped for his wife Lilly to be home and share the moment of meeting their daughter's boyfriend, but of course she was off somewhere doing her job. Which he of course respected, he just missed his wife. He missed the loving touches, the handholding, hugs, kissing and even the sex. It had been months since he had any physical contact with her whatsoever.

Liam was staring at Harry a bit concerned after catching him staring out of the window in the kitchen not moving an inch. He slowly walked over to where Harry was stood and put a gentle hand on his shoulder. "Babe are you okay?" He asked softly and watched as he suddenly got him out of his thoughts and Harry suddenly looked like he was present again. "Uh.. ye-yeah I'm alright. Just thinking that's all. I wish she was here." He didn't have to say anything else than that before Liam completely understood. He hadn't been with anyone since him and Danielle broke it off years ago and sometimes he missed it too. Life could get a bit lonely sometime. He nodded and took the pan turning the heat on after Harry had put salt and pepper on the steaks and started frying them while he let the curly lad take care of the potatoes and vegetables.

When he was done with the meat he opened the cupboards and grabbed what he needed before setting the table and when he was putting water and napkins on there was a soft knock at the door. He and Harry made eye contact and Harry nodded and put the rest of the stuff he was done with in the sink. "I'll get it"

Louis was rocking back and forth on his feet nervously waiting for someone to answer the door. Before he had the chance to adjust his shirt one last time the door suddenly opened and there stood the most handsome human being he had ever met in his entire life. Curls that was perfectly framing his breathtaking face, with lovely green eyes piercing through your soul, a wide pearly white smile and a pair of lips that were so kissable. And that was just the strangers face. His body was tall, toned, long arms and his hands were huge. Louis was sure he had just stepped out of a magazine and was sure he must be a model.

"Hello sir. My name is Louis Tomlinson." He got the courage to say and the stranger just grinned and made him weak in the knees. "Sir? I like you already. My name is Harry. Harry Styles, and I am Eleanor's father. It's lovely to meet you. Do come in." Harry turned around and he tried, he really did but Louis couldn't keep his eyes from running over the back of the older lad's body and oh lord he had an amazing ass too. As he followed his girlfriend's father into the living room where Eleanor was sat too busy with the show to even notice he had arrived he could only think one thing. What the hell had he gotten himself into?

Liam came out of the kitchen when he heard voices and cleared his throat to get everyone's attention. "Dinner is ready." He smiled widely and gestured for everyone to join him in the kitchen so they could get started before it was too late and there was a chance they would miss their movie.

When Louis noticed the other lad who had suddenly appeared behind him and who he was now following her was sure he had ended up in a family full of models. They were all drop dead gorgeous and he had to wipe his chin just to make sure he actually wasn't drooling on himself. For a second he couldn't help but to think of Niall and how he wanted to tell him about this. It made him a little sad when he realized he and his best friend hadn't spoken for weeks. He knew it was mainly his fault and as he took a seat by the kitchen table he promised himself he would chance. And talk to Niall as soon as he could.

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