She Will Be Loved- Chp 16

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Chapter 16

It took me nearly five hours to get Jonie to stop crying and by that time I felt emotionally drained. There was a lot of damage from Cynthia’s death and I shouldn’t have expected to her to simply get over it immediately. In fact I shouldn’t have pushed at all.

“Kai, can you hand me that folder?” Jonie muttered, trying to regain some composure. Without hesitation I handed her the folder that sat idly on the computer desk. My eyes briefly scanned the cover as I handed it to her. I had learnt from her that that was one of the easiest ways to gather as much information as possible. “I saw that.” She muttered again once the file was in her hand. I figured she would have. “You can leave now.”

“Will you be alright . . . ?”

“Get out.”

Her words were sharp and cut deeper than I thought they would have. The worst part was that I deserved it. I should have left well enough alone what didn’t concern me in the first place. I didn’t bother protesting; instead I turned and headed straight the front door. She was going to need sometime by herself again and besides I had to go help Emi with her homework and check up on Tara. Then I’d probably just go spend some time with Jayden . . . oh gosh, now that I knew half the story it just seemed so awkward. What if he really was secretly wishing that he still had her? What if I was his distraction; a way for him to forget about her…?

I shook the thought out of my head as I made my way across the yard. Jayden loved me, he said so himself and besides that she was dead now. There was no way that she could have come back to ruin the relationship. I had no reason to worry. For now I would go find Tara; I hadn’t seen her since last night because she wasn’t awake when I was leaving this morning. We were working on getting her to come to school but for the time being she stayed home with Dustin. It must have been so boring doing nothing but watching a baby sleep all day and I was sure she would have wanted to have a conversation with someone who learnt the Queen’s English at some point in their life.

I sighed as I walked onto the back porch. Of all the people in the world Jayden had to be sitting there having a conversation with Shyla.

“Hey, how was Jonie?” He asked before I could get by him. He had known that I wanted to check on her from the moment I realized she wasn’t at school. I turned to him slowly and tried my hardest not to let my eyes land on that girl who somehow had on a spiteful smirk.

“Umm…she’s uh…not feeling well…”

Jayden raised an eyebrow at me. “And that stopped her from going to school?”

“Yup.” I said quickly right before hurrying off. Jonie more than likely didn’t want me revealing the fact that she was crying to the enemy. It was best to give as little info about her around Shyla and her cousin as possible because they might have found a way to use it against her and I didn’t want that to be my fault. For all I knew Destiny might have put something on Shyla so she could listen in on their little conversation. I almost sighed again. I would never know what they were talking about because Jonie was too busy crying up in her room. I could have always asked what they were talking about but then it would seem like I didn’t trust Jayden and I didn’t want him thinking that at all.

“Emi fell asleep after you went over to Jonie’s!” He called after me. “I think she’s still sleeping in her room.”

“Okay.” That was strange…Emi never slept when she got home, she was usually too busy with everything else. Maybe she had a long day of play at school; I guess that would tire any 3 year old out. All they really did was play and have simple lessons. I wish I could still be in pre-school…

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