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I had a spanish conversation with one of my favorite youtubers and a friend on twitter and like. I had to use google translate for half of the conversation. If anyone wants a translate, go ahead and comment while I await my death. 


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also, excuse mistakes, I made the mistake of downloading grammarly on my laptop and it doesn't tell me when words are written wrong

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also, excuse mistakes, I made the mistake of downloading grammarly on my laptop and it doesn't tell me when words are written wrong. And I don't know how to get rid of it.

The group was lead to a set of dorms in a separate room of the prison, beds were laid out in different sections, half of a wall separated every other bed that were paired in twos. 

"Travis Bush, left bed. Ian Gallagher, right bed." A guard walked past one of the sections, standing in the entrance as Scott and Ian walked to their assigned beds, assigning everyone by alphabetical order.

"Mitch Grassi, left bed. Scott Hoying, right bed." 

Mitch tensed up when he heard his name called and he hesitantly followed Scott into the section of beds, standing in front of his bed and waited until his cuffs were undone. Once they were undone, he dropped the bag of clothes and shoes he held under his armpit and sat on the bed carefully. 

"Randy Kieger, left bed. Kevin Olusola, right bed." Once the count was done, the guard walked into the patrol section of the room and locked the door behind him, sitting in front of a pane of glass and watched over everyone in the dorm room. 

Mitch felt two pairs of eyes on him as he stripped his jumper off, looking up to see Kevin lowering his arms, his jumper falling to his waist.  The two made eye contact for a small second before Mitch turned around, seeing Scott staring him down as well as the patrol guard. He shook his head and turned his body, pulling on the shirt that was provided for him as well as the sweatpants and white sneakers. 

He sat on the soft bed and tied the sneakers, wincing when he had to pull his still (but not as much) swollen leg onto the bedframe since that was what he was most used to. 

"Heh, I guess I hit your leg pretty hard. Sorry 'bout that Mitchie." Scott spoke from where he was tying his shoes. 

"Yea, it's whatever." Mitch mumbled, making Scott's face fall. 

"Hey, Mitch, I really am sorry." Scott spoke, dropping his foot. "About everything." He quckly addd. 

"Sure you are, Scott. I have to go. Remember, we have to be at some room once were done dressing?" Mitch snapped. He looked up when Kevin walked into his section and held his hand out. Mitch took Kevin's hand gratefully and pulled himself up, grabbing his crutches and following Kevin and the others out of the dorm room, Scott being left behind. 


The group was assigned jobs, most of them being separated from each other except for of course, Scott and Mitch since Mitch was too weak to do anything else, and Scott wasn't trusted around other equipment, the two were assigned to organize at the library in the prison, on the other side of the building. 

"Just be careful, alright Mitchie? I'll see you at dinner." Kevin gave Mitch a hard kiss on the lips before he had to get to his assigned job, working in the garden outside in the courtyard. 

Mitch grunted and shifted himself before he started heading towards the library, feeling Scott following him slowly. 

Once the two got to the library, Mitch grabbed a cart that was filled with unorganized books and he used it as leverage instead of his crutches, limping towards one of the bookshelfs. He stood in front of the shelf and he felt a tap on his shoulder, turning to see Scott behind him, holding a book in his hands. 

"Um, h-how do you actually do this?" Scott asked, pointing to where he had set his book cart up on the opposite side of the shelf. 

Mitch set down the book he was picking up the grabbed the book Scott was holding for himself, their fingers lightly grazing one another. 

"And can you show me? I'm not an auditory learner." Scott added. 

Mitch sighed and he used the bookshelfs for balance as he started walking to the other side of the shelf. As he and Scott were turning the corner, he tripped on the wooden frame and nearly fell to the ground if it weren't for Scott's fast reflexes. One of Scott's hands were wrapped around Mitch's waist and the other was gripping his forearm to keep him upright. 

"You ok?" Scott asked as he helped Mitch walk the rest of the way to his cart. 

"Y-Yea. Thanks." Mitch muttered and he turned the book over to stare at the tag that was on the side of it. "Just look at the numbering and lettering and just place it in order with the others. Like, this one goes..." Mitch said, looking through the shelves. He pointed between two other books and placed the one he was holding in between the others. "Here." 

"Alright then." Scott replied, pushing his cart out of the way to stand in its place. "Sounds simple enough." 

"As long as you pay attention." Mitch said and he looked back at the cart he was at and groaned, knowing he would have to walk all the way back by himself. "Um, do you mind if I just stay and work with you? I don't want to walk back to my cart." He mumbled. 

Scott stared at Mitch for a moment to see if he was joking before he nodded. "That's fine with me." He shrugged and grabbed a book to hand to Mitch before he grabbed one for himself. 


Mitch looked up at the place where he had separated two books on the highest shelf, obviously with much struggle. It took him five minutes to even reach up to separate the books and it owuld possibly take even longer to even place the book in his hands in the correct position. He reached up to put the book in the space on the shelf, letting out a restrained moan when he couldn't reach the shelf. 

He felt a hand graze his arm and he jumped, turning to see Scott standing to the side of him. Scott grabbed the book for himself and set it on the shelf, lowering his arm and patting Mitch's head before walking off to place his own book in its place. 

Mitch placed a hand on top of his head and glanced over at Scott, his cheeks puffing up as he pouted. 


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