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C/N: Crush's name
Y/N: Your name
C/B/F/N: Crush's Best friend's name (Boy)
B/F/N: Your best friend's name (Girl)
O/C/N: Old Crush's Name
O/C/F/N: Old Crush's Friend's Name
R/N: Rival's Name
S/N: School name
T/N: Teacher's Name
B/G/N: Best guy friend's name
F/F: Favorite Fandom
F/N: Friend's Name
F/C: Favorite Candy
First off, I suck at correcting my own work so I am 101% sure you will find some time of grammar, spelling, etc. mistake. If you do please comment POLITELY and tell me so I can fix it.

Next, if one of my one-shots sound like I copied someone else's I promise you it is just a coincidence. I do read a lot of these cliche stories on my free time but I use it as inspiration and I try to make every one of my one-shots original. If my one-shot sounds like someone else's a lot, then please tell me politely.

I take requests. When you want to request something you can send me a private message(preferably) or leave a comment. Just tell me what you want it to be about and any other information you want. I will dedicate the story part to you if you requested it and I will mention that you requested it at the beginning of the chapter. I do not write lemons because I think I am a bit too young for that. Thx!

I probably will randomly edit old chapters to make them better (including this one).

Finally, (If you even read any of this) any of the pictures I use are either from google search, or from social media. None of them are originally mine unless I say otherwise.

(Note: Key will get updated as I write more chapters)


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