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Bella POV

After I looked at the water I went to one of the many bags that Alice had packed me, to find a swimsuit. I didn't find one, so I went to the next bag and the next, and the next, with still no dang luck. It felt like years had passed looking through these damn bags just trying to find one swimsuit.

"Where did you put that swimsuit Alice?" I mumbled to myself. I slowly found myself getting more frustrated as I realized that all of these bags were the same colour. Dang it Alice! I raced to the nightstand and snatched up my phone , calling her.

" Hi, Bella!" She said bubbly, "how was last night?"

"Fine," I replied, "I have a question?"

"You're looking for the swimsuit?" She guessed. Inwardly rolled my eyes at my stupidness. Of course she would've known.

"Yeah."I said,"where'd you put it?"

"It's in the white bag." She answered, "on top of the dresser." I looked towards the dressers and sure enough there it was.

"Thanks Alice." I said.

"Your welcome, Bella." She said, and that was the end of the conversation.

I walked to the bag and looked in it. Sure enough the swimsuit is in there. She could've left a note, sheesh Alice. I put the swimsuit on and wrote Paul and note saying that I'm at the beach.

I walked out of the beach house and made her way towards the beach. I walked to this small gravel path at consisted of beautiful exotic flowers on each side.

The sunlight streaked across my face, I covered my eyes with my hands as I continued to walk towards the beach. As I walked I took out my camera and stopped every few minutes to take pictures of the flowers and the wild life.

I made it to the beach. It was beautiful. The glistening clear blue water and the warm white sand under my feet made this feel like a dream. This is a better beach then back in La Push.

I walked across the the warm powder, pausing to drop my towel by the curved tree. I laid my towel down under the tree. I couldn't hear the sound of my footsteps as I walked to the water's edge. I let the gentle swells break over my toes, it was cold, like ice.

I stepped in, walking carefully across the visible ocean floor, but it was unnecessary; the sand continued to be perfectly smooth. I waded as though I was weightless.

I looked across the medium ripples, bright in the sun towards the beach, searching for him. He wasn't hard to find. He stood, his back to me, putting his towel down by mine. The bright sun turned his skin a more perfect shade of tan. I quickly turned back around before he could catch me looking at him. I didn't know how long I pretended to not be staring, when I felt warm arms wrap around my waist.

" You're so beautiful." Paul murmured as he put butterfly kisses up and down my neck. I signed in content. I turned around in his arms, and locked mine around his neck.

"And you are very handsome." I said pecking him on the lips. His hands tightened around my waist.

"This ocean view is beautiful." He said admiring the view. "I mean, it is beautiful, but as beautiful as you."

I felt a blush rise in my cheeks. I have never felt so loved by another person before besides.... Edweirdo.

"Aww Paul." I giggled kissing him gently. A few minutes later the kiss got a bit more heated.

I giggled against his mouth as he lifted me up. He began walking back towards the beach. He almost trapped going up the stairs into the house. I almost laughed but didn't want to ruin the moment. We made our way towards the bedroom, once in he closed the door.

A/N I am so so so sorry for the late update. I promised my felt I'd update a whole month ago but I didn't. I am so sorry, I've been busy with college applications and trying to pass all my class for senior year.

On another note, when I went back through the comments on the first book some people were saying to take Alec and the Volturi out. I  thought long and hard about it, but I am sorry for those that want them out. But, they will continue to be in the book. Without the Volturi there would be no reason for this book and then I'd have to redue a bunch of chapters in the first book.

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