I'm allergic to vampires! Literally... Chapter 11

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Chapter 11

My head ached and I cried out in pain, feeling the handcuffs on my wrists dug into my skin. Damn him, why didn't I fight back? I couldn't move off the bed. The room looked like a dorm room, themed with red and black colors. Colors of the resistance. The bed was in the center, surrounded by circular couches. What was he thinking? What use would I be to him? The door opened and I waited to start cussing out Isaac but it was someone I didn't recognize. 

"Who are you?" I asked, confused. 

"A client ready to be served." He smirked. He had black hair that had blue highlights in it. He could easily tower over me with his estimated six foot frame and possibly over power me in the muscles department too. 

"What's that suppose to mean?" He chuckled, striding towards the bed.  

"You want out of those handcuffs?" 

"Please." I asked, a little on the desperate side. 

"I'll let you out on one condition." 

"What?" I asked. 

"Let me drink your blood." 

"Oh great, this was Isaac idea wasn't it?" 

"Well yeah, I'll let you enjoy the night here then later when you get tired, I'll do it then." 


"It'll be fun, trust me." 

"Why not just bite me now? I'm cuffed to the bed, I won't be able to fight you off." 

"You don't know how to have fun, do you?" 

"Define it." I teased in a serious tone. He gave me a weird look and pulled out a key from his pocket. He leaned over, undoing the cuffs. I could smell that sweet scent that vampires gave off, even if he was a halfie. It was incredibly alluring. I rubbed my sore wrists, discovering a cut. 

"Oh here." He took my wrist in his hand and licked it. I shivered at the contact. It felt so good but so wrong. He wasn't Jace, he wasn't Rayas and I had shivered in fear. 

"You ok? Sorry I didn't mean to make you feel uncomfortable about this." 

"The hell I am, I want to go home!" 

"That's something I can't do for you. I'm trying to be nice here, you think I wanted to let you go?" 

"You did, didn't you?" I asked. 

"I was told to." 

"By who? You could have easily gotten away with it." 

"Isaac, he told me you're different from the other donors." 

"I'm not a donor, I'm a vampire hunter." I said stiffly. He smirked. 

"Well I'm on the resistance side, I'm not under vampire control." 

"But you are a vampire, no matter how much you don't like it." He looked away. 

"Come on, let's go dance." 

"But I-" He cut me off. 

"If I have to I will bite you now, don't make me do it." He hissed, fangs showing. I didn't want to show any weakness but I remember when Rayas had bitten me, it hurt slightly then it'd made me want to give in to him, like I didn't want to him stop. Still with all my thoughts in trying not to show fear, I gulped. He gave me an apologetic look, probably seeing I'd paled. He tugged me out the room and down the stairway. The club had black and red colors all over the place. Luxurious black leather booths surrounded the glowing patterned dance floor. The bar was made completely out of glass that changed colors with the dance floor. Pretty high tech if you ask me. But now that I thought about it, this business probably made a lot of money, with all the prostitutes and sluts. I shuddered, thinking about it. The guy felt it and looked back at me. I simply nodded that I was okay and he tugged me onto the dance floor. I didn't want to dance but if he insisted it was for the better to prolong the bite. He twirled me around like a doll, toying with me. Might as well enjoy myself. So I played along, following his lead. We spent at least an hour up there dancing. I'd never done anything like that before, I'd never had the chance of being a teen. I heard the pounding music switch to a soft beat which I immediately recognized the song. The band was up there playing, Look what you've done. One of my favorite songs. He quickly pulled me onto the dance floor, resting his hands on my waist. "Try anything and your dead." I said, voice threatening.  

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