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After more than a year of running, he was bloody well tired. The attempts on his life weren't letting up. They only seemed to be getting worse. He finally had to admit it to himself, there were no options left and he needed help.

There was only one person he could think of who might help him. He wouldn't, no couldn't, go to her. Chandra Ivers would help him in an instant, she had a soft heart. He knew that. It hadn't mattered what he'd done to her, there was always a small part of her that believed he wasn't completely lost to the darkness residing inside of him.

His lips twisted into a parody of a smile as he crushed out the cigarette he'd been smoking. Unless she decided she wanted him dead instead. Toward the end of their relationship, if you could call it that, he couldn't be certain of her feelings for him.

It didn't matter much how she felt, he would never trust himself anywhere near her ever again. In her own way she had been kind to him and because of that, he wouldn't harm her for anything in the world. If he got near her, he would do exactly that. He would destroy her in an instant. He could never trust himself not to hurt her.

The control he had over the evil that lurked inside him would crumble and he would return to his old ways. So no, he could never go to her for help. Even as badly as he wished he could.

He needed another option.

Chase, her husband, would rather skin him alive than help him. There would be no help forthcoming from him.

His eyes slipped shut as he considered his last two options. Not really his final options, but the rest of Chandra's family were no option at all as far as he was concerned. His last two options to consider were little better than her husband. First was her daughter, but he wouldn't trust himself around her daughter any more than he would around her.

The final choice, her son, Kennon. The kid wouldn't wish to help him, either. The Ivers men were fiercely loyal and protective of anyone they considered family. It was something he respected about them. You didn't find many men like them in this day and age any longer. Those that looked out for their own, guarded their family. Protected them. Nowadays it was mostly guard your own ass and forget everyone else.

He blew out a breath. It was his only option. It didn't matter, not really. Either way he would probably die. Wait for whoever was hunting him to get in a lucky shot or let Chandra's son do him in. Who knows, maybe he could talk her son into killing him quickly.

No time and no choice, he had to leave now or they would find him again. Quickly, he flung a leg over the seat of his bike and turned west. He really hated not having options. The Ivers kid was definitely not much of an option as far as he was concerned.

He had no idea what he could be walking into. He hadn't seen the Ivers family since the war. Back then, Kennon had been nothing but a baby. Now, he snorted, the kid was in college for God's sake. Nothing like that crap to make you feel old. As if he didn't feel old enough already.

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