The Fountain of Dreams // Cal

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He had never been down the stairs of the Match Making Service. He knew that the room was locked, and he had made sure to bring keys. His heart was beating as if he had just suffered an electric shock, and his eyes screamed desperately. But he had to do this. 

He had to experience love. 

Water splashed on the marble. A small puddle formed next to him. He dove into his pocket, jingling loose keys and random pieces of string. He was always prepared. 

He finally found what he was looking for: a single, silver coin with a few hearts engraved on the surface. 

He moved closer to the fountain, his reflection distorted in it's clouded depths. With each step, he thought to himself many ways in which this could go wrong. 

'Why am I torturing myself like this?' He thought, finally reaching the fountain. 'This isn't going to change anything.' 

With a single throw, the coin was sent into the water. Then he waited. Nothing seemed to change. He busied himself with reading the outside of the fountain : Somnia vive .

"Live your dreams." He whispered, his voice deep and husky. He heard a noise behind him, and he swiftly swiveled on his heel. 

A girl was staring back at him, her dark hair flowing slightly in the wind: Lila. Everything about him slowly changed. The marble floor turned into fresh grass, the walls opened up to reveal acres of green leaves, and a dim light escaped from the space above. 

This wasn't The Cupid MatchMaking Service anymore. 


"Cal, are you alright?" Lila asked, moving closer. She looked different to normal: Her casual clothing was replaced with a floral dress, white sandals dressed her feet and a hint of lipstick lingered on her lips. 

"Yes?" He answered, unsure at first, before repeating himself in a more firm tone: "Yes, I am, Lila." She was now next to him, and had clasped his hand in hers. 

She smiled lightly. "Let's go then, we're nearly there." Lila began to trek over to the largest tree, it's leaves a luminous green in the dying light. As they reached it, a blanket full of delicious treats were laid out before them. 

"Happy one year anniversary, Cal." She sung, delicately sitting down on the check picnic rug. Cal followed suit, crossing his legs. He caught his reflection is a wine bottle, and he let out a panicked gasp. 

His formal attire had been replaced with a casual shirt - one too many buttons undone - and ripped jeans. 

'I would never wear this. Only one person would...' He trailed off in his mind, knowing the answer already. 


"I got you something." Lila gave him a parcel, wrapped in pristine white paper. He nervously unwrapped the present, his fingers brushing a metal frame. Soon he was facing a single picture, placed in a golden frame. 

Cal recognized it instantly: the picture of Lila and Cupid which she kept in her room. But except Cupid, Cal was in his place. 

It made his heart skip several beats. 

"It's - It's..." He stuttered, a flush of emotion falling over him. 

"Shhhhh. You don't need to say anything." Lila leaned in, closing her eyes. Cal watched, not sure of what to do. But his instincts clicked in, and he mimicked her movement. 

There lips touched. 

It was everything he had ever dreamed of. 

"What are you doing?" 

Cal's eyes shot open, and everything was how it was left. The floor was back to it's marble glory, the wind had now ceased. He was back in the bright light of the Match Making service. 

He reluctently looked up, meeting the eyes of Cupid. 

And Lila. 

She wasn't it the dress, but in a leather jacket. She raised an eyebrow, a ghost of a smirk playing on her face. 

Cal slowly rose to his feet, smoothing down his black trousers. "Nothing Cupid. Just Nothing." 

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