One Shot: Gotta Love the Funny Ones

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"So you like cooking too?" Izela asked as she looked up from the chopping board, holding the knife carefully to the side. Her eyes caught on Dray, who was standing a few feet away, caught in the middle of more "taste testing".

"Mhm..." he managed quickly and swallowed fast, grinning. "Course I like cooking, it makes food."

Izela laughed and rolled her eyes, picking up the knife again to finish chopping up the rest of the uncooked meat.

"You know, there'd be more to eat when we're finished if you didn't eat all the carrots out of the soup now," she said. Dray shrugged and walked over.

"But I like carrots," he whined, leaning on the counter and watching her work. Izela just smiled and let him brush some of her hair back as she focused on chopping up the meat. She wondered sometimes she'd been lucky enough to meet him. He was sweet and kind and just the right kind of humorous.

Finding herself distracted, Izela accidentally let the knife slip to the side and it sliced into the tip of her finger rather than the meat. She yelped and jerked her hand back, blood forming on the tiny crescent shaped cut. Dray started instantly and gently grabbed her hand.

"Are you okay?" he asked, inspecting the cut carefully.

"It's just s little cut..." Izela said.

"Here, I'll get something to wrap it up and antiseptic to clean it out," he started and darted off. Izela just stood there a minute. Since when did a tiny cut constitute bandages and antiseptic? Then again...Dray was a medic. It still sounded silly, but Izela didn't mind the attention, so she patiently just waited for him to return, which he did moments later.

With a whole medical kit in hand.

Izela stifled a quiet laugh, but it was cute to see him so in the zone over a tiny injury. She let him take her hand and lather antiseptic over the cut before allowing him to wrap it in what looked like it could have been half a roll of gauze. Finally, he was finished.

"Thank you," Izela said, smiling and inspecting her carefully bandages finger with amusement. Dray suddenly grabbed her in a hug.

"I won't let the knife hurt you, ever again," he said firmly. Izela laid her head on his chest and laughed silently to herself.

"Thank you, Dray," she said and smiled. She felt him kiss her head and she leaned on him, resting in his arms. You just had to love the funny ones.

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