Chapter 4: New Master

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“I can’t believe this.” I muttered. Maybe during my jog I over did it and passed out? I heard her sigh making me look back at her, “Fine if I believe this…then I wish for,…for a puppy?” She snorted and clapped her hands together. I heard some barking and turned around to see a puppy golden retriever that barreled into me. “Good enough?” She asked. I could’ve done a few things. One…take the puppy and run. Two…run away screaming psycho. Or three…have some fun with this. Smirking at her I picked up the little puppy in my other arm, “So…you’re mine?”






Chapter 4:


Isis’ POV:



“Hazam no!” I scolded my bearded dragon lizard. I’ve had him for over the last hundred years or so. I love the little pest but he get’s on my nerves. I conjured him up myself two upgrades ago and was pretty proud except…he’s purple. I wasn’t concentrating like I should’ve. I plopped myself down on my bright blue sofa that wrapped around the entire lamp that was a extremely large oval.


The walls were a deep red tapestry with golden walls. My bed was in the far curvature and it was a princess style bed with cream silk sheets. Yes I had a small TV but that’s because every fifty years or so my lamp is upgraded I guess you could say. I knew I was in America for the past One-hundred or so when I turned it on to hear English being spoken. It took a while to get the hang of it but now I hardly have an accent. I hate the little black and white TV though. It’s not like I can learn anything from it. I never knew what day or year it was. I just know it’s been far too long since anyone has found me.



It was a love hate relationship of being found. On one hand you get to be outside this blasted lamp, and get to see how much the world has changed. On the other hand…you’re a slave to whoever found you. My last master was ill hearted and only cared for himself. His three wishes were to become very rich, which is the most common. Have the most beautiful wife who loved him unconditionally, which i could only make her feel an atraction. She really just used him for his money…but he only used her for sex, and finally he wished all of his enemies to have horrible jobs with little income…since he couldn’t wish death upon them. Believe me, he tried.



“Hazam! Come here boy.” I whistled for him. He jumped up onto my lap. I also made him a little larger than normal, but I was just learning how to conjure things and he got caught in the cross fire unfortunately. His head reached the middle of my calf. He was a little larger than a house cat, and acted like a lap dog.

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