Chapter Twenty-Seven - Mating

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"Fuck me, dean." Castiels voice growled in his ear and Deans eyes shot open in surprise at the rare command. Dean nodded slightly and suddenly the hand went away. He spun the chair around so he was facing Castiel who, to Deans pleasant surprise was completely naked in front of him.

He undid his trousers and slipped them off, half way down his thighs. He was going to take them the whole way off but Castiel was too impatient. Rather than waiting for Dean to fully undress himself, he stopped him by climbing onto his lap, a leg either side of the chair and Deans body. He sat down on the naked lap and they both kissed each other hungrily, letting the tastes of each other fill every other sense they had.

Castiel nudged closer towards dean so the alphas erèction was pressed against both of their lower stomachs while they got lost inside the open mouthed kiss they were sharing.

Castiel did not need to be told when Dean was getting impatient and tugged at Castiels hips roughly, wanting to be inside his omega. The omega sat up a bit and positioned himself above the alpha before dean lowered him down upon him. Castiel gasped and shut his eyes tightly, feeling his hole widen as he went down on dean.

The alpha himself was lost in the sensations of Castiels heat swallowing his côck and it took all of his efforts not to just tug Castiel down and make himself slam into him. He whined slightly and Castiel sat down on him a little bit faster, pausing his movements when he was perched in the base of Deans length.

Beads of sweat sprang to Castiels forehead and Dean pulled him in close to the omegas head was buried into his shoulder, whimpering ever so slightly as Dean shifted beneath him.

"Move." Dean growled low in his throat and at his alphas command, Castiel begun to rock his hips backwards and forwards steadily, the wetness of his heat slicking down Deans length and onto his lap. Dean tugged at him a bit roughly, making the omega yelp suddenly but moan almost straight after, clenching himself around dean as he rubbed Deans length against the sweet spot inside of him by rocking his body, the flow getting more rapid and rougher.

Dean grunted with every hip jerk that Castiel dealt and with ease he stood, lifting the omega with him as he made his way over to their bed. Castiel whined low from pleasure at the movement and kept a tight hold of Dean so the alpha would not slip out of him. Steady, dean lowered Castiel onto the bed, still buried deep inside the omegas holè. Once Castiel was laid on his back, Dean lifted the omegas legs well above his head and held his hips up to his côck.

Castiel panted heavily, watching Deans movements with large blue eyes but they closed tightly and he screamed in pleasure as he pulled away from him and then slammed his length back into the wet holè with ease. Dean did this over and over again for a time, taking pleasure in the loud moans coming from his husband as Castiel wrapped his legs around Deans waist a let him have his way with him.

Castiel reached a hand behind him and crabbed a hold of the headboard, steadying himself against each of Deans heavy thrusts inside of him.

"Soon." Castiel moaned out, his swollen lips spread apart to let the hot sounds fall out of them. Dean grunted and quickened his already fast pace with smaller jerks inside of his husband and soon the omega had his back arched off of the bed while he came. Dean was not long after and Castiel whimpered beneath him as he carried out his extra thrusts deep inside of him to finally cum.

When Dean was about to pull out, Castiel held him close and shook his head. This hadn't been just sex for the either of them. And as Dean knotted Castiel firmly, both of them knew that they were mating for much more than pleasure.


Dean had got them both into and almost comfortable position as Dean held his knot inside of Castiel and they had almost fallen to sleep in that position. When Dean woke up in the morning he had found that they were both in the same position but Dean had unknotted and pulled out of his husband in his sleep.

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