Chapter 6

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"You're doing it wrong," Bianca said without trying to hide her smile. "How many times do I have to show you? Take your time."

Eliza sighed and tried to keep her anger to herself. I know I asked for this, but does she have to look this happy teaching me? I should've known it would be like. "Where?"

"This should go here," the redhead whispered in the girl's ear, gently involving Eliza's hand and moving how she wanted. "I told you before, don't rush it."

Keep calm Eliza, she said to herself. Don't let her know how much this makes your heart pound faster. Despite her feelings, she didn't pull the hand back. "Thanks for the clarification."

"Your reactions are getting less and less fun." Bianca clicked her tongue and release Eliza's hand, jumping back to the bed.

"I'm here to study, not to entertain you." Eliza turned her eyes back to the sheet. She's right, the girl though, but never voiced it, erasing where she got it wrong. "And you should be studying too. The last test is Monday."

Bianca got her game and restarted the match. "It may not look like it, but I study almost every day," she said, focused on the game.

"Even with all the fights?"

"It's not like I fight every day. And keep it down," she lowered her voice and turned to the door, where her father and then her mother had entered without knocking moments ago. "I'd rather keep that hobby a secret from my parents."

"So even you keep secrets..." Eliza tried to keep her smile under control, but the sight of Bianca nervous was too good.

"Of course." Bianca put the game on down and rolled on the bed until she was next to Eliza. "I haven't told anyone what you did to me that day," she whispered, her mouth so close the girl felt the redhead's breath.

Damn it... how can she make me shiver with only this? Eliza thought, trying her best to stop her body from trembling. "And I'm grateful for that. The last thing I need was to add lesbian to the list of rumors about me."

"Tks," Bianca clicked her tongue again. "No reaction equals no fun to me."

"Too bad. But your parents are cool," Eliza ignored the redhead. "I bet they'll be more worried about you fighting than angry."

"Of course you'd say that," Bianca scoffed and turned her head dramatically. "You watched one game with them and already you three are pals."

Eliza did nothing to hide her smile now. "You're still mad about that day? Let it go."

"Let it go? Sorry, but no. I had a great night planned for us. I spent the entire day choosing a good movie and snacks for us that Saturday, thinking to show you a good time and hoping maybe something more could happen..." Bianca mumbled the last part, her cheeks pink. "But then dad shows up and invite us for the game. And what you do? Ignoring my protests, plans and hard work, you accepted!"

Even if she tried, Eliza couldn't stop laughing. "It's not my fault your plans got ruined. But it was the cabin! The cabin! I've never been to one. I'm more a bleachers kind of girl, you know? Watching the game there was awesome." Among other things, she thought, remembering the photos. "Besides, I never thought your dad would curse the referee like that. Even my dad doesn't scream like that."

"Fascinating." Bianca rolled her eyes. "I thought I'd be happy to know another thing about you. But to think you're that crazy about football..."

"Me? I'm not the one who used to go to every game and enter the field with the players. And to think you even got lost."

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