Make Your OC's

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You should have read the last chapter to play the game. You will be making two OCs. One will be your main character and the other will be a backup. If you want real game characters like Max or Chloe then that will be your main and then your OC will be your backup. You can partner up with your friends to make best friend OC's or related to a character in the game.

Your @name:
Main or backup:
Hair color/ type:
Relationship of any type to someone in-game: tag them
Shy or outgoing:
What are they like:
Spirit animal:
Tag one person:

If you want to be a game character here is the list. You must do an INLINE comment like this:
Chloe- YOUR @name
If it's taken don't apply unless my comment underneath theirs says denied. Here we go

Max Caulfield-

Chloe Price-

Rachel Amber(alive)-

Kate Marsh-

Victoria Chase-

Frank Bowers-

Warren Graham-

Dana Ward-

David Madsen-

Mark Jefferson-

Nathan Prescott-

You will either get a reply from me saying Denied or Accepted. I will most likely not deny you. If you don't mind, tag some people or share this book to people you think would like this

If you would still like to join after the game is over, I will introduce you in the recaps. Don't rp until then

Your Decisions Are On You

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