Their was 7 sample cakes. Pineapple, mix fruit cake, Vanilla and Strawberries, chocolate dryfruit cake, dark Chocolate cake, black forest cake and the last coffee mocha cake.

I was going to taste the fruit ones. Umaima was going to taste the others.

The cakes were heaven. It melted in my mouth.

"Delicious" I closed my eyes as devoured the taste.

"I cant decide which one to choose." I whined.

"Same here." Said Umaima still eating.

"How many cakes do you want to order.?" Anabel asked amused.

"Three for sangeet, Nikkah and Reception." I said.

"You can still choose 3 cakes of different flavours." Anabel reasoned.

"Yeah you are right." After discussing for an hour or so we decided on coffee mocha for Sangeet, Vanilla and Strawberries for Nikkah, and Mix fruit cake for reception.

We bid our goodbye to Anabel it was already 7 till we reached our house.

"Assalamu alaikum" we both said in unison as we entered the house.

Aunt Sadiya, my mother, Pari, Usama, Moin, Uzair, Unain, Umar and Ubaid were all sprawled around the living area watching TV.

"Dont you guys have any work to do.?" I said as I sat between Unain and Ubaid.

"Nope." Moin said. He was sitting on the floor head on Pari laps too much of PDA.

"Done the selection of cake.?" My mother asked.

"Yes mum all done."

"Which flavours..??" Umar chimed in.

"Thats the surprise." I winked at him. They all groaned as we laughed.

"So who is staying with us..??" I asked them. Umaima and aunt Sadiya will be staying and that is confirmed.

"No one of us. We dont wanna stay with you girls and play dress up games." Unain said and the rest snickered.

I gasped "how could you Unain
.!! I thought we were bestfriend." I put my hand on my heart pretending to be hurt by his words.

"Such a drama Queen" he rolled his eyes.

"Ok ok enough of your bickering." My mum cut short our fun.

"Usama and Moin will leave today after dinner. And the rest are staying." They all were frowning as I laughed at them.

My face was smacked by a pillow. "You didnt...!!" It was Usama who had thrown a pillow on my face.

I took the popcorn from Unain and throw it at Usama but instead it falls on Moin.

"It was meant for Usama..!!" I yelped as the flying pillow came towards us but it hit Ubaid.

Soon we were all laughing throwing popcorn at eachother. The living area was a mess.

"STOP..!!! YOU ALL HAVE TO CLEAN THE MESS..!!" mother yelled making all of us to freeze in our track.

"Oh no you cant be serious mum..!!" I groaned.

"Then stop right thei.." she was cut off in middle when aunt sadiya pour a glass of juice on mum head.

"SADIYA...!!!" mother giggled and soon we all were throwing water popcorn fruits pillow and what not at each other.

Front door opened as my father came in I sneaked out of the mess and hide behind the dinning table as I was the only one who saw him.

"WHAT IS GOING ON HERE..??!!" They all stopped and looked at my father his expression was priceless.

"Umm..actually.." my mother started but failed to reason.

"You all just clean the mess till I come back from shower. I want my house cleaned as I left it." My mother was about to say something but dad beat her to it.

"You all are going to clean it youselves with any help from maid." He said sternly as he walked into the house. He stopped infront of the dinning table.

"And you too Maha." He walked into his room. I removed myself from under the table. Everyone was glaring at me.

"Lets get to work." I sighed ignoring their stares.

"Done..!!" I fall on the sofa as the living area was done. We had cleaned all the mess in just 15 minutes.

"Good work team" Pari said.

"A dairymilk for all of you from me." Umaima said like we are kids.

"You are the best Umaima. I want 2 dairymilk. I will clean your wardrobe. I promise." I am take my words back. I forgot my brothers are still toddlers.

I went into my room and changed into the fresh cloths. Umaima did the same. She had borrwed my cloths as we wear same size of cloths.

We both went out for dinner. Everyone was seated quitely because my dad was present.

The whole dinning room was full alhamdulillah.

I sat with Moin because I want to have dinner with my brother for the last time before he gets married.

"Maha.." I looked up at my mother. She passed the dish to me.

"Something special for her. I see." Moin joked. I opened the lid.

"Chicken Tikka biryani..!!" I am in love with tikka biryani.

"Thanks mom." I said she just smiled at me. The rest of the dinner went well only with the serious talk.

It was the time for Moin to go. We all went to the front door to bid him goodbye. As they both left we went to our rooms.

Umaima will be staying in my room as always. Uzair and Unain will be staying in Pari old room. All the stuff of Pari was shifted in Moin room.  Umar and Ubaid will be sleeping in guest room and aunt Sadiya will be staying in my parents room because dad had also left to attend some business. So he will be out for whole night.

I let myself fall on to the bed. I realised how tierd I was as sleep consumed me.

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