Chapter 3

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Clarkes pov


I woke up to the smell of pancakes which was a little strange because my mom is almost always at the hospital at 5am. I got dressed and saw my mom downstairs. She smiled at me and continued cooking. We sat down at the table and started to eat.

"Hey Clarke, if you want I can take you and your friends to school today".

"It would be great mom".

Me and my mom haven't been that close after my father had left us. I was only five at the time so I don't really remember much about the time when we were all together. My dad never tried to have a relationship with me he just kinda forgot us. After that my mom became distant. Before we shared almost everything. Now everytime I askher about something she just gives the same answer every time: 'Oh Clarke it's nothing don't worry about it'. It frustrates me. I'm not a kid anymore. She doesn't need to hide things from me.

"Clarke, Clarke?" my mom said as she waved her hand near my face.

"Yeah what?" I answered  and it sounded more harsh than I have intended to.

"I have to go to a meeting in California for the next week. Are you going to be okay here? You can invite Anya here to keep you company." Anya was my bestfriend in Boston. Well she still is but we haven't talked since we moved to Los Angeles.

"No i'll be fine don't worry about it". I say and finish my pancakes.

"Oh okay". She said suprised. Did she think I couldn't be by myself for a week? I'm in highschool I will be okay. That was something I would never say to her. She gets hurt really easy. Once when I was a kid I said I didn't like her mac and cheese and she didn't talk to me for an hour. I know it sound ridiculous but I found out later that in the very same day my dad had filed for divorce. That might be the reason she got upset. That was a poor example but still she gets hurt really easily.

We go and pick up Raven from her house and head towards Octavia's. As we pull up to her drive way I see her standing there with Bellamy. Why hasn't he already left to school ? He has a car.

"Hey Clarke and miss. Griffin. Is it okay if my brother Bellamy comes too? His car won't start." Octavia asked as Bellamy hid behind her.

"Of course Octavia and just call me Abby." My mom said and smiled. She has always been really friendly and I hope she wouldn't have been this time. The car ride was going to be awkward enough without Bellamy in the car.

I asked my mom to drop us off at the back of the school. As soon as the car stopped Bellamy left to be with his friends and thanked for the ride. Octavia, Raven and I also thanked her and just as we were walking away she yelled my name. I turned around and looked at her.

"Clarke I will leave you some money for the week. It will be on the kitchen table". I gave her a smile before turning around and catching up with the girls.

Today we had all the same classes. In math I sat with Finn and he helped me with the exercises. At the end of the lesson we were getting a little bit flirty.

"Hey Clarke would you like to go on a date tonight" He asked and I could ssee that he was nervous.

"Yes." I said and smiled.

"Okay I will text you the details later." He said and I nodded.

We only had known each other for two days but it felt like had known him for years. The bell rang and I packed my stuff and catched up with Raven and Octavia in the hallway.

"Hey Clarke. Do you want to hang out with me and Raven today?" Octavia asked me as we were walking to our lockers.

"I can't. I have a date with Finn." I said and smiled.

"Really? If that's the case you need to come over to my place. Raven and I will help you get ready." Octavia said with a smile.

"Okay." I said and opened my locker.

We were at our lockers when O saw Bellamy comming down the hall. She ran to him and asked him something. He just nodded and continued walking.

"I have good news. Bell is giving us a ride to our place." she said smiling.

When we got to the car there were Bellamy, Atom and Murphy. Then i realized there were six people and in the car would only fit five.

"There is only room for five people. So either Raven or Princess needs to walk" Bellamy said while looking at us.

"My name is Clarke and I think we can fit four people in the back" i said and gave him a fake smile.

 He didn't say anything he just looked at me. I haven't noticed before that how good-looking he was.

"Hey princess! I know I'm good looking and everything but we need to go". He said and smirked at me.

I felt my face turning red. Everybody else were already in the car. Bellamy and I got in the car and he started driving. The ride to their place was awkward. When Bellamy pulled up to their house my jaw dropped. Their house was this big mansion with two storeys.

Bellamy's pov

"There is only room for five people. So either Raven or Princess needs to walk" I said and looked at them.

"My name is Clarke and I think we can fit four people in the back" She said smiled. I find it funny how she gets angry over a nickname. I don't know how she still manages to look cute even when she is angry.

As everyone got in the car the Princess was just looking me up and down. I don't think she noticed that everyone else were already in the car.

"Hey princess! I know I'm good looking and everything but we need to go". I said and smirked.

She turned red and looked embarrassed as she got in the car. The ride felt longer tham usually. As we finally got home I looked at the Princess and saw that her mouth was open. I guess she was impressed by our house. I don't blame her our house is really big and beautiful.

"We're here." I said and got out of the car.

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