Chapter 37 || Game On.

Bad choices make good stories.

Yeah, I highly doubt that. This is just a lame excuse for people to do things they aren't supposed to do. I say this not because I want to lecture anyone about how illegal it is for example to smoke weed or break into a public swimming pool or anything but the good stories were only made if you didn't get caught.

Right now, I find myself in the closet of the daughter of my mom's boyfriend, who, in fact, is the most hypocritical and revolting person you'll ever meet. I'm about to get caught in the next five seconds which means that these five seconds will determine the course of my life.

I'd say that this was probably the worst choice I have ever made but not if we wasn't about to be caught my Marissa and her lover.

I believe that I'm in a pretty credible position to refute this statement.

If you make bad choices because you need to convict a nasty girl like I do, you have the legitimacy because you positively contribute something to our society. On the contrary, if you just do it because you want have some "memorable experience" or something like that, I strongly advise you to just let it be.

Making mistakes is normal, being completely stupid is normal too and it is important to live with the consequences.

Just don't wander around, doing stupid things on purpose because you want to create memories.

You do not create memories, but memories are created.

Sometimes the most unexpected things happen, you will remember for the rest of your life but making bad choices with the intention to live to see is just foolish.

It's about the people that surround you and not the things you do. Your best friends are able to light up your day in a way the coolest club on earth will never be able to.

Of course, It's human to make bad choices, otherwise I wouldn't be trapped in the most girly closet I have ever seen.

My heartbeat had increased to its maximum. My hands were completely sweaty and I could feel Kyle, shivering next to me.

It was probably the worst feeling I have ever had in my entire life. Numbness started to take over my mind, as if my brain had just frozen in that very moment.

The door began to open gradually, making Kyle's shivering even worse. All that happened in only a few seconds but it felt like an eternity.

"Come on, babe. Who needs bathing suits when we can just be naked.", the guy that in the most disgusting tone ever, causing Marissa to stop opening the door any further.

The little gap that was created by Marissa's attempt to get bikini was big enough to allow me to have a peek through, but small enough to keep my cover. The guy sitting on the bed was probably a bit older than us. He had messy blonde hair, light brown eyes and a jaw line to die for.

All in all he looked pretty decent but taking his ugly personality into consideration, it wouldn't be worth it.

"Oh, baby. You are so naughty.", Marissa purred in a teasing voice and let the closet door snap shut, making sigh in relieve.


I could hear the door of Marissa's room closing but still remained in the closet for a few seconds just in order to make sure that they are gone.

Carefully, I opened the door and looked around to see if the coast was clear. We stepped out of the closet, falling down to the ground in shock.

"I almost had a heart attack.", Kyle looked at me with a complete pale face, still breathing heavily.

"Tell me about it. I had already fully planned out my funeral. Let's just get the hell out of here.", I got up from the soft fitted carpet and adjusted my clothes.

"I found the diary !", Kyle took out a green book from under the closet.

"Don't worry the diary is not important.", I received a sceptical look from Kyle. "What ?"

I know we broke into the house and were about to get caught by Marissa but I had a sudden realization. The diary will just cause us more trouble than we are already in but I think I have an idea how to make it work...

"I'll explain you everything later but now we need to get out of here quickly.", I said, pointing at the door."What if Marissa sees us ?"

"Don't worry.", I turned the door knob around. "The pool is on the other side of the house, they won't see us since Marissa's room is one of the closest to the front door."

Exiting Marissa's room, we found ourselves walking down the corridor into the entrance hall. As quietly as possible, we left the building and approached the car.

I could see Emma, still being occupied with the guard. As soon as she caught sight of us, she waved him goodbye and sprinted towards us.

"Have you found the diary ?", Emma asked curiously.


"Where is it ?"

"In Marissa's room."

Emma's face went from excitement from complete confusion. "Are you serious ? You left the book in Marissa's room. That practically means that everything we did was in vain."

"Just get in the van, I will explain everything to you."

Opening the door of the black vehicle, we saw Jessica's head, being placed on Alex' shoulder. She her head shot up when Alex turned his head to us. Cute...

"And ? Have you found it", Alex asked inquisitively.

"They had the diary but left it in the room on purpose.", Alex eyes widened at Emma's remark. "What ?! Why ?!"

Everyone was staring at me expectantly. "Look, what do you think would have happened if we took the diary ? Maybe we would have found proof in it but that is not completely certain because Marissa is not dumb. If she didn't write anything down about this whole act, which I highly believe, we would be screwed because there was no possible way we would smuggle the diary back into her room. Even if we had been able to uncover Marissa's dirty game, people would ask us where we got the diary from. Since we are not able to tell them the truth without getting into jail, Marissa would claim the diary to be fake and people hated us more than it's already the case."

"I see.", Jessica pensively tapped with her finger on her mouth. "What are you suggesting ?"

"We will beat Marissa at her own game."

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