Donnie x Reader ~Parasitica~

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  You were scrambling around the barracked lab looking for the last few pieces of equipment. The mutant parasitic wasp was back and had infected everyone besides yourself since April and Splinter were out on another training exercise. You've known the turtles for a while. About two and a half years. As such you've been on your fair share of endeavors with them. Donnie especially, you always loved to learn new things and he always spoke about things with such passion when it came to explaining certain things. That's what made you fall for him. That and how sweet and shy he was. At first at least, over time he's really shown you his playful a bit say, cool side. He had taught you many new things which you had taken great note of and you had always helped whenever you could. You liked him and now you you'll probably never get the chance to tell him, ever...This scared you to death he wasn't there to guide you and he only took you through the process once quickly so you couldn't quite remember everything. You were frantic, spastic, your heart running a mile a minute. You had just finished mixing the culture to incubate when you heard something shift.

"Well....since everyone's here, and by everyone I mean (y/n) (l/n) I'd say it's time to put class in session." You gasp and spin around to see a tall, olive green, black eyed turtle halfway across the room, smiling. But not his usual smile, this one was sly, devilish kinda smile. You just freeze wondering how the heck he got in there, you managed to block every possible entrance! He picked up on it. "I got in through a secret opening I built in case your wondering, I can keep secrets, even from you and my brothers."


"W-well...U-u-uh...okay...what do you mean class don...?" You ask hesitantly. He chuckles.

"Oh it's nothing (nickname). Just a little lesson on biology." He says as he starts walking toward you keeping the smile on his face, you begin backing away. God why did he have to be so hot doing this?!

"And uh...what kind of biology would that be?" You ask.

"Simple really, the mentality of predator and prey."

"I already know about that though...predator eats prey. That simple."

"Haha but you see, it's not always eating when it comes to that kind of relationship. Instead of Lion and Zebra it could be say, wasp and grasshopper. And the parasite is the predator and the host is the prey..." He explains with a monotone version of the way he usually explained things to you. It scared the crap outta you.

"W-well okay...I guess that makes sense..." You two stop moving for a sec. And look at each other in silence.

"Do you know how the wasp picks the protectors of its eggs?"


"Well first, it tests it's stamina." He grins deviously then rushes you, you moving out of the way just in the nick of time to prevent getting caught, you start running around the lab with Donnie hot on your tail. "It needs to see how long it can last!" He chases you around a little more until you start to get a little bit tired. Just then you hear the footsteps behind you stop, you whirl around for a second panting lightly until you feel that something was gonna hit you. You've trained with splinter ever since you had first met and doing that helped heighten your senses. You duck to see a big, green, three fingered fist right above your head. He pulls back and you look at him. He still has that smile on his face. He attacks you again, you blocking it. "It's also gotta test its reflexes, speed, strength!" He shouts as he keeps attacking you. You were holding your own fairly well, considering the situation...Over time you were beginning to wear down. Within two minutes you were panting heavily and Donnie had stopped attacking. Unbeknown to you, you were conveniently close to a corner in the room of the lab. Donnie looked into your (e/c) eyes which were filled with fear with those soulless, shiny pits of black.

"If the wasp thinks it's good enough..." Donnie begins to close distance with you backing into the corner you knew you were gonna be trapped in. "It wears it out..." He suddenly jumps toward you pinning your arms to your sides against the wall with a very firm grip, you gasp at the sudden action. Your bodies were pressed together and your face inches away from his. "Pounces..." Donnie leans in close to your ear. "And delivers..." He purrs softly and quietly into your ear. This is it, your gonna get bit. You closed your eyes shut tightly bracing yourself for pain but...none came...instead you felt something wet on your neck. You open your eyes slowly to find him licking you. You were blushing beet red.

"D-Donnie.....!?" You whimper quietly, your mouth hanging open as you panted from the stress and some what exhaustion from the fight. He kisses your neck and pulls back looking at you. Smiling a toothy grin this time revealing some of that characteristic green saliva.

"And of course, it's gotta make sure it tastes good for its kids' first meal..." He explains. He leaned in again and kissed you...on the lips. You were too weak to resist and you couldn't close in time to prevent his entrance, you let him keep going...all the while he slowly moved your hand above your head gripping them tightly together with one hand as the other traveled over you, groping you and feeling around every inch of your upper body. A few seconds after his little exploration he pulls away and kisses your cheek and slowly licks your jawbone making his way back down your neck again, you legs and arms suddenly felt like jello, you bit your lips together to stifle a moan as best you could. But a little sound had still escaped. You loved it and didn't want it to stop and when it did you actually felt a pang of sadness.

"Don't worry (y/n)....The wasp always makes sure it's as painless as possible, after all, it's gotta be in good condition if it's supposed to do its job well right...?" He asks just above a whisper. At first you were confused but then you felt a sharp pain in your neck and you cry out. Clenching your eyes shut you breath heavily trying to manage the pain. Donnie pulls back and watches as you wriggle around slightly in the wake of the transformation. After a few seconds you had calmed down and your eyes were shut in a relaxed manner.

"Lessons over. You ready for homework?" He asks deviously. You open your eyes slowly to reveal them to be black as your lips curl into a big smirk. You lean in this time.

"Definitely..." You purr quietly.  

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