32- Titan's Burden

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Percy's PoV:

"Artemis!" I teleported to her side just in time and the sky crashed on my shoulders. I dropped to my knees and struggled to lift the sky with my hands. It was like carrying a stack of a million grand pianos, which I had never tried. My shoulders burned because of the stress. It's a miracle my bones haven't broken yet.

"In the end, you still ended up getting defeated." The General laughed. "Carry my burden for the rest of eternity, will you?" My burden? So he must be Atlas. Then, he got Artemis by the collar and lifted her up. She was slowly regaining consciousness. "Since you chose to fight and be such a stubborn little god, your friends will have to pay." He moved aside for me to see Clarisse, Nico, Grover and Rachel in the hands of two small cyclopes. They looked tired and they had many wounds. "Not only that, the little goddess will have to come with me." Atlas smiled evilly.

I could not control my anger anymore. My vision turned red and adrenaline rushed through my veins. I roared. Two columns of hard earth and solid gray rock jutted from the ground on either side of me at the speed of a rocket, lifting the sky like it was just a sheet of paper. In a flash, the sky was twice as high as Mt. Tamalpais. Atlas' face showed horror. I could sense that my aura was bigger, stronger and more powerful than ever before. Using the earth to give me speed, I ran at Atlas and took Artemis from him. Then, I kicked him in the chest with so much force sending him to a broken column. The column snapped into two when Atlas crashed into it and fell on him. I looked at Artemis who was still in my arms. She had already regained consciousness.

"Percy... Sarcophagus..." She whispered very faintly. I had to lean down to hear her. She mentioned sarcophagus. I put her down on the ground behind me.

I stood up and looked around. Atlas was still buried under the two halves of the column. The cyclopes were still holding Clarisse, Grover, Nico and Rachel. Luke and Annabeth were also still holding Thalia. However, the dracaenae and the golden sarcophagus was nowhere to be seen. I had to make sure Atlas stays buried so I teleported to the side of a block of granite. I lifted it up with my godly strength and put it on top of Atlas. I heard a faint growl. I smirked. Just like that, I stacked 5 more blocks of granite and marbel on top of him like building blocks.

"You must have forgotten that I'm a god with many powers." I spat at him.

Then I turned my attention to the two cyclopes. I took out Riptide. Then I walked toward them, calmly. My aura was still glowing red so they hesitated to attack. Then I leaped up onto the shoulder of the first one and stabbed him in the eye. It shrieked and dropped Nico and Rachel. I immediately teleported down and caught them before they hit the ground.

"Go to Artemis." I told them. They nodded and ran off to Artemis.

The cyclops I stabbed in the eye was stomping and turning nonstop. The other one tried to kick me but I slashed at its foot, making a deep and wide cut. It dropped on one knee, giving me the perfect opportunity to stab it in the stomach. I jumped on to its shoulder and sliced its head off. I caught Clarisse and Grover just as it disintegrated.

"I'll handle the other one." Clarisse said, referring to the the cyclops I stabbed in the eye. I just nodded.

I made my way to Luke, Annabeth and Thalia with Grover beside me. Luke was holding his sword while Annabeth just had a dagger. Without even giving them the chance to fight, I flicked my fingers and vines started creeping up their legs from the earth. They tried cutting the vines with their weapons but the weapons just bounced off them.

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