Donnie x Reader ~Run To Me Quickly~

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  Tying your hair back you heard a soft chuckle, "I know what that means" Donatello called from across the lab,

"I told you to stop staring at me, Don" you teased as he came to look at your work,

"Sorry I can't help it, (y/n)" he joked back, "Looks like you missed a spot" he said pointing to your flawless and now shining blade,

"Where?" He poked your katana with his grease covered finger,

"Right there" he said casually as a large black dot now mocked you and your handy work,

"You know, I think I did miss a spot" whipping around in a near impossible speed you pressed the blade against his neck, "Right there" you say with a smirk. He was unphased by your reaction and slowly he began to chuckle again,

"Your blade is off balance, you were planning on scrapping it anyway" he said and you removed your sword, "Don't question me, I know everything" he added in a casual manner, then flashing you a grin, so of punched him. "OW Okay sorry sorry!" He whined as you smiled,

"You're right, I was planning on throwing it out" you turn and sit back down, "But you Donatello Hamato do not know everything" you began to laugh, the poor guy was clueless... Absolutely oblivious to the obvious... You were in love with him.

"One can never know everything, and that my dear friend is the absolute endearing beauty of knowledge" he said in a matter-o-fact tone before returning to his work on the Shellraiser. You rolled your eyes, you two had been best friends for two years, and despite his normal passive and nervous nature he had grown confident and comfortable with you. April had left for college, and Kasey had followed her on a hockey scholarship a few months ago. You were happy for your friends, but missed them from time to time especially when you went above ground. You loved living with the turtles though, your parents had passed away in a car accident 2 years ago and you had no other family. The turtles found you and Don became your rock. Leonardo helped you train, showing you how to use a katana, and for a beginner you were extremely gifted with the blade. Donatello taught you how to fight with a bo staff, teaching you how to balance it just right so it sliced through the air like a knife through butter. To be quite honest, you didn't much care for the weapon but you were always looking for an excuse to be with him....thus why you were polishing your messed up blade in the lab. You had to scrap the thing anyway, a footbot got ahold of it and bent the metal, and although Leo had pressed it out, it didn't feel the same.

"Hey, Donnie? How do I get a new katana?" You asked sweetly

"Umm...ask Leo?" He half shouted from under the Shellraiser, "but I doubt he'll give you a new one since he fixed that one and said it was still good"

"Yeah well I'm half the size of him...what's balanced to him isn't balanced to me" you grumbled

"I have been training for 18 years, (y/n), I think I know a good blade when I see it" Leonardo chuckled from the entrance of the lab, "But I have a spare you can try if you really don't like it anymore" Leo walked into the lab and offered you a smile before turning to Donatello, "Patrols in 20 so get ready" he said sliding Don out from under the vehicle, a loud sigh escaped the geniuses lips before you heard him reply,

"I was almost finished" he protested as he walked to the sink to wash up

"You can finish when we get back, it won't be a long night, the city has been quiet since the last fight with the Shredder...I'm thinking a few trips around town will do" Don shot Leo a curious look before walking up to the blue eyed ninja and cocking his head to the side,

"Are you feeling alright? You don't sound like yourself" he said, voice laced with feigned concern. Leo chuckled and shook his head,

"It's actually Sensei if you must know, there's a big storm coming, a hurricane warning went up as of 15 minutes ago so he wants us home as soon as possible" Leonardo responded, "But don't say anything, we don't want Mikey freaking out again" he turned to walk out, "Oh wait" he turned on his heels and looked at you, "(y/n)...Sensei doesn't want you getting out because the weather's too dangerous right now" Leo gave you an apologetic look, "Sorry" he knew how much you enjoyed going on patrol with them.

"Wait, why are you guys going if its so dangerous?" You snapped

"Because Captain Lamenardo here thinks we should make sure everyone is safe although no one in their right mind would be out in this weather" Raphael growled from the door way. His bulky body fuming as he leaned against the wall with his arms crossed. Leonardo took a look at him and rolled his eyes,

"Come on lets head out" he said and you started to follow, "(y/n) can't come"

"Too bad" you replied,

"(Y/n), its master Splinters orders not mine" Leo sighed

"I'm sorry, just stay we'll be back soon, (y/n)" Donatello said touching your shoulder lightly. You turned and looked at him, he offered you a soft smile, your heart instantly melted,

"Okay, but you had better call me if anything happens" you demand

"We will don't worry, I promise we'll be fine" he said giving your shoulder a light squeeze,

"Don't make promises you can't keep" you reply softly,

"That's a promise I intend on keeping" he nearly whispers before he turns to leave,

"Donatello" you call

"Yes?" He turns around with a curious look on his face

" to's dangerous out there, I saw it on the news earlier" you say, he nods his head in understanding, before walking back over and giving you a hug,

"I'll run as quickly as I can" he says into you (h/c) hair before letting go of you and leaving the lair with his brothers. Little did you know your fears were all too real...
You had a bad feeling in your stomach, the kind of bad feeling that comes before a storm when you're scared and anxiety is lose, wreaking havoc on your soul. You paced back and forth, holding your shellcell in hand, "They shouldn't have went out in this weather" you mumbled nervously. It had been two hours since the guys left and your fear was growing by the minute. It takes less than 30 minutes to circle the city twice at their looked at your phone, "Maybe I should call them..." You say, flipping it on you are just about to call Donatello when you jump as your phone begins going off in your's Donatello calling. You answer it quickly, "Where are you?" You sound a bit panicked and feel embarrassed,

"(Y/n), I'm sending you coordinates, there were so many of them...the guys they're unconscious... We're trapped, they're going to kill us, please hurry, I need help I already have a plan! Jut run as fast as you can!" With that the phone call stand in shock, processing what just happened, before you leap into action. You sprint to the lab, strapping on your katana and medical bag before flipping your phone open and looking at where they let out a string of curses before dashing out of the lair...they're on the top level of the Shredders lair...and you know if you're not fast enough, the Shredder will murder your friends... No... your family.
Anxiety and fear filled your heart and a cool sheet of perspiration covered your body as you raced to get there in time. Your (long/short) hair flipped in the wind as you pushed your body to its breaking point, frantically moving your legs as fast as you could. Your breathing was erratic as you jumped from rooftop to rooftop praying you got there before all was lost. Thunder clapped over head, New York shook to its very core with anticipation of the storm that was about to come. While you shook with anticipation of relieving the warlike aggression you held. Like a soldier ready for battle, you ran towards the unknown, ready, slightly scared, and fueled by a thirsty fire that could only be quenched with true justice. You cursed the name of your enemies, knowing this would not be easy...and knowing that if you failed... you would pressed harder and harder. City was silent other than the winds that threatened to push you over. A hurricane was indeed about to hit New York, the calm before the storm was taking place. You jumped, falling onto the rooftop of the Shredders lair and jumping to your feet, readying your weapon. "It's too quiet" you think as you pop open an air duct and place it on the ground. You were playing it safe and sticking to the shadows, blending in with the night. Placing your katana back in place you crawled into the duct and replaced the metal lid that covered it. You crawled through the darkness, listening for the voices of your enemies.

"Leonardo" a voice sang, "So glad you could wake up and join us, did you have a nice nap?" Karais voice echoed off to your left. You heard a raspy groan, no doubt being Leos. "Watch this, I'm sure you'll love it" she purred. Suddenly a loud painful scream shook the walls around you, you gasped, fighting back the urge to cry was Donatello...the screams carried on as Leo begged for mercy,

"STOP, NO, LEAVE HIM ALONE, TAKE ME TAKE ME PLEASE STOP" Leos voice was panicked, you crawled quickly towards the voices and found an opening. Donatello was hooked up to a machine, being electrocuted, you held back another cry as anger flooded your system. Finally she stopped,

"Okay okay that's just too adorable, the fearless leader sacrificing himself for his little brother" she mocked as her laughter filled your ears,

"Enough Karai!" The Shredders voice sounded as he opened the doors and walked in the room with Rahzar and Fishface behind him. This...was not going to be easy. You spotted Raphael and Michaelangelo in a pile on the floor, footbots pointing guns at them... They were still unconscious. Leonardo was now kneeling in the floor, hands chained behind his back and head bleeding. You pulled out your shellcell and sent Splinter a message, you couldn't go in alone. The next few minutes consisted of the gang of villains teasing the brothers, slowly Raphael began to wake up,

"Don't move Raph" Leonardo called as he heard his brother groan,

"Ugh my head- what the shell?!?!"

"I said don't move, Raph" Leo growled, the room fell silent again...they were waiting for something... They weren't hurting them...then you realized who they were waiting on...and who you had just texted...

"Oh no" you mumbled, a light tap cane to your shoulder and you turned to find Splinter waiting behind you. He nodded and you shook your head, "They're waiting for you" you whispered,

"I know, but I will not let my sons be harmed because of one man's revenge. We will fight, but we will not be playing fairly tonight" he offers you a smile and you grin, knowing exactly what to do.
"AHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO" Donatello's cries fill the room once more as you slip through the shadows, Splinter is nowhere to be seen. "PLEASE AHHHHHHHHHHH" He cries, each painful plea was like a knife to your heart but you couldn't let that distract you now. You took a deep breath and relaxed, you had to focus to do this correctly... You let out a long, loud, and very high pitched whistle, it bounced off the walls, causing confusion and annoyance.

"WHERE IS THAT NOISE COMING FROM?!?!" The Shredder boomed, you cut your whistle off, smiling and quickly moving through the shadows to be behind the contraption Donatello was hooked into. You could hear him moaning and panting, the smell of burning flesh was in the air.

"Don, I'm here" you whispered

"The blue wire" he groaned softly, you had to make quick work,

"WHO IS HERE SHOW YOURSELF COWARD" The Shredder boomed, Splinter had taken out the two footbots standing over Raph and Mikey while you were distracting everyone. "SEARCH THE PLACE NOW!" You smirked as you slid the lid off the wire box to the machine. Splinter had made quick work of Fishface and Rahzar with some heavy sedatives that you had in your medical bag. Your plan was going perfectly...that was until a knife was pressed against your throat.
"Get up before I kill you" Karai growled. You let go of the wires in your hands, dropping your knife to show you were unarmed and stood up. Your katana was not strapped to your back, you had taken it off before your plan went into motion.

"Okay, okay...I'm coming" you say softly, holding your hands up.

"You were doing quite well sweetie...too bad I'm better" she smirked as she led you out from your hiding place. "The pest, father" she said shoving you forward, you kept your hands up, proving you weren't a threat.

"You came alone?" He asked walking up to you, he punched you in the jaw, blood flew from your mouth as you stumbled but held your ground. "Fool" he laughed, "Although I must say I'm impressed in a way" he admitted.

"Oh...then you'll love this next part" you said innocently then smirked. He gave you a strange look then suddenly the Shredder was thrown across the room, your katana fell into your hands as Splinter landed, straightening himself from his attack before assuming a fighting stance. You let loose a battle cry as you blocked a blow from Karai who stood behind you. "Gotcha" you purred in a cocky manner as you began to fight. Leo had been let loose and he and Raphael were attacking the Shredder along side their father. You fought with no mercy, her blade caught your arm, slicing you and you cried out in pain.

"Gotcha" she repeated your earlier words, you lashed out, kicking her blade from her hand. Advancing against her, pushing her back with every kick and punch you threw. You let your sword fall to the ground as you took on a brutal hand to hand battle with the princess of darkness. Screaming you backed her against a wall, pressing your forearm against her throat, pinning her. "Don't mess with my family. ever. again." you whispered in a dark tone. Pulling your arm back you punched her against the side of the head and she fell limp in your hold, now unconscious. The room was quiet, Raphael stumbled and Leonardo caught his brother,

"You okay?" He asked in concern

"Yeah, just dizzy from that last hit" he grumbled, they then all looked at you, The Shredder lay unconscious on the floor, blood dripped down your arm.

"You alright?" Leo asked. You gasped,

"DON" You turned and ran to him, "Donatello? Can you hear me?" He didn't answer, he was completely limp. You undid his shackles and he fell into your arms, he groaned as he hit his knees, leaning against you. "Donatello? Are you okay? Please say something to me and tell me you're okay!" You panicked, finally he looked up at you. He just stared at you, tears began to run down your face, "Please do something" you begged. You had to know he was okay, this wasn't enough, you had to hear his voice. Finally he opened his mouth,

"You ran to me quickly" he said in a raspy voice. He cradled your face in his massive hand before he pulled you in and kissed you. His lips soft and light against your own. The kiss said so much, all your fear all your doubt all your heartache seemed to be healed with his tender touch. He pulled away, "Thank you" he whispered as he rested his forehead against yours.

"Woah dudes what did I miss?" Michaelangelo called from across the room as Splinter helped him up. Everyone eurrupted in laughter as he stood in confusion.

"We'll tell you about it when you're older" Raphael said as he and Leo limped out onto the fire escape. You punched Donatello,



"H-h-how was I supposed to kno-" you cut him off by pressing your lips against his for another passionate kiss.

"That was for being okay" you say softly, "Come on lets go home" you chuckle as you help him up. He leaned against you and smiled,

"Yes, lets go home" together the 6 of you walked out of the building and back to the lair. You leaned against each other for support, and maybe sometimes you were a little broken, but in the end you all knew you could count on one another to run to you quickly.  

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