Raph x Reader ~Late Nights And Stitches~

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  Pattering sleepily down the hall you yawned and rubbed your eyes. Your bare feet cold on the concrete floor of the lair, and your pajamas loosely hugging your frame. It was late, you had woken up and went to go get a drink of water. You turned the corner and suddenly slammed into something rock hard and fell backwards onto your butt. "Owww" you whined as you shifted your weight off your now bruised tail bone. "What the-" you looked up and saw a tense Raphael, "What are you-" you were cut off as he picked you up, covered your mouth, and swiftly took you to his room. Pushing against his chest you kicked your legs, trying to get down,

"I'll put you down if you promise not to yell" he said lowly into your ear, you shivered and nodded your head...why was he acting so weird? He took his large hand off of your mouth, and lowered you so your feet touched the floor before he let go. It was a sweet gesture... He held you so...so...

"Why are you..." You trailed off,

"What?" He asked softly,

"...being so gentle?" He wasn't gentle with anyone, "Didn't know you had it in you" he rolled his eyes, you walked over to the wall and flipped on his light. Turning around you saw that his side was dripping blood, you gasped, "Raph, you're-"

"I know" he interrupts before turning to take out a first aid kit. You looked down at your white pajama shirt to find it stained with his blood,

"Um...Raph I-"

"Yeah I know, here" he threw a small shirt at you

"Why do you-"

"Because April used my room to change once and she left it in here, I always forget to give it back" he replied,

"Are you ever going to let me talk?" You asked rolling your eyes, he hummed in amusement as he looked at his side,

"I just did now didn't I?" He looked up at you and smirked,

"What's going on?" You finally asked, holding his gaze,

"Well, if you help me, I'll tell you" he said gesturing to his side. You walked over and placed your small hand on his side to get a better look, "Provided you don't tell anyone" he added

"Raph, you need stitches" he silently hands you a case with some needle and thread. After a few moments of more silence you look at him, he's just staring at the wall...thinking. "Can you sit down? It would make this easier" he nods and takes a seat on his bed, "I'm going to get some warm water to clean this with...I'll be back" he nods again and you slip out of his room. The lair was completely silent...you hadn't heard it this quiet before, and you kinda enjoyed it. Silently making your way to the kitchen you pull down a small bowl for soapy water, filling it, you grab a few red rags and head back to his room. Once you return he's laying on his good side, his eyes are closed, and you take a moment to take in his relaxed features. It is rare that you see him so...content. You pull a chair over to the bed side and use it as a table, sitting on his bed you look at his cut again. You tilt your head and look at his face, his skin dusted with sweat and grim, his features stressed and hard yet...so soft... Picking up your rag you begin cleaning the surrounding area of his wound. It wasn't as bad as you thought it was, there was just a lot of blood. Once you had finished cleaning up the wound you went to stitching. He didn't flinch as you did this, he opened his eyes and looked at you once you stopped,


"I need to bandage it" he watched you as you worked, softly placing the bandages on his skin and taping it down so it would stay. He had closed his eyes again, "Raph?"

"Hmm?" He grunts in response,

"I'm done now" he rolled over onto his back and groaned, you blushed a bit, he relaxed his tense body and slipped his mask off...he looked so different without it. He sighed, throwing an arm over his eyes,

"Okay, swear you won't tell?"

"Of course"

"I've been going out with Casey, yanno taking care of the bad guys after dark...and we got ambushed...I took the hit... he's a little bruised up but that's nothing he hasn't had before" he chuckled, "Anyway, we've been doing this for about two months now and I guess the Purple Dragons got wind, apparently we were putting their little minions out so they sent in Hun...and well you know the rest" he removed his arm and looked at you with soft emerald eyes, "Thanks...I mean it" he offered a smile as you blushed,

"Anything for you" you whispered, he sat up and looked at you, butterflies fluttering through your stomach and chest,

"Anything?" He smirked as your blush deepened,

"Don't be mean" you giggle,

"Oh I'm not being mean, trust me" he brushed your hair out of your face and leaned closer, your heart was about to jump out of your chest.

"Wait" he was inches from your lips, he sighed, his warm breath washing over you, "We...I can't-"

"Because I'm a freak, I get it" he tensed, letting go of your cheek and turning away in disgust, "Just say it, (y/n)"

"What...no...Raph, I can't if you're going to come home expecting me to patch you up every time you get hurt" he pulls away further, but you pull him back into a hug. "What if you don't come back one night? This is dangerous" he finally relaxes and pulls you close as he processes what you're saying,

"I will come back-"

"But you can't promise that"

"Yes I can"

"Raph, you can't" you started to pull away, feeling your emotions get the better of you...the big idiot didn't understand, but instead of letting you go he captures your lips with his. You jump at first, then you melt into his timid kiss. After a few moments he pulls away and strokes your face,

"I can promise that... if I never leave to begin with" he whispers,

"You'd do that for me?" You asked breathlessly,

"I'd do anything for you, (y/n)" you pulled him in and kissed him again, when you pulled away he chuckled,

"Then please don't leave me again, I need you"

"I'm yours" he answers back softly as he holds you in his arms. You slowly slip off into sleep, listening to his heart beat, and knowing it will never go away.  

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