Raph x Reader ~Not Missing This Again~

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  Patching up his leg, Raphael grumbled, wondering how he was going to explain this one to his family especially to you. You had crawled out of bed to go to the restroom, when you noticed that Raphaels light was still on. Glancing at the clock you raised an eyebrow, it was 3:26am why was he up so late? You walked up to his door and knocked, then you realized all you were wearing was an oversized tshirt that came to just above your knees...

"What?" He snapped, well too late to go back now

"Raphael?" You asked,

"Oh, um (y/n)" you pushed the door open the rest of the way, "yeah, you can come in" he chuckled as you slipped into his room and closed the door. He was normally hot tempered, but with you he had always been gentle. You cocked your head to the side,

"What'd you do this time?" You asked with a slightly disappointed tone, he sighed

"I was out" he continued to clean up the cut

"Out where?" He fumbled and hissed with pain,

"Just ow I was just out, (y/n)" he snapped

"Give it to me" you demanded as you walked over and knelt down, taking the cloth you blotted the cut, "Big baby, if you can't handle the repercussions you should " go out"" you made quotations around his earlier claim as you scolded your boyfriend. "Raph, how many time does this have to happen before they start wondering where you're going?" You knew full and well that he was fighting crime by himself, "You know Leo he'll tail you one night, then what?" Raph sat silently as you got onto him, "If you want to be responsible you have to act responsibly, what am I going to do if you jut don't come home one night?" Your emotions were building, sadness swept over your frame and he recognized it instantly, it hurt him so much to see you sad,

"Hey, (y/n), look at me" he lifted your chin but you yanked it away from him, the tears were swelling in your eyes and you didn't want him to see, "I'm sorry, look...I-I won't do it again" you paused what you were doing and looked at him,

"Really?" He nodded his head,

"I'd rather sit at home and lay with a beautiful girl in my arms than to hurt her every night" he answered honestly, leaping up you jumped into his arms, he let out a soft grunt as he fell backwards onto the bed,

"You're the best!" You whispered, "Thank you" pulling back you looked at him and smiled. Leaning down you kissed him, hard and demanding, he made another grunt of surprise before he relaxed, letting you take the lead. He placed his arms on your hips as you kissed, after a few minutes you pulled away, "Oh yeah that's right you're hurt" climbing off of him he groaned,

"There's another reason I won't be going out anymore" he said in annoyance,

"What?" You asked confused

"I kept myself from doing this longer" he gripped your face and kissed you quickly, leaving you slightly shocked but extremely happy as to what had happened, he laughed, "Definitely not missing out on that ever again"  

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