Chapter 1.1

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She's the kind of girl that turns heads when she passes. With the kind of smile that warms your heart; straight, pearly white teeth and plump lips coated by bright red lipstick. She's got those kind of twinkling, dark brown eyes decorated by long and full lashes, blinking innocently though everyone in the room knew she wasn't. Not with the way her silky skin is covered by nothing but a set of glittering lingerie and black, high-heeled boots that reached all the way to her thighs. Not with the way her long, dark and wavy hair is swaying along with her every move as she dances on the stage as if her life is depending on it. Her heart and soul poured into a routine that comes completely naturally to her. She knows she's gorgeous; she has to. There's not a moment of doubt in her eyes as her hips are moving along with slow and seductive music and I can't keep my eyes off of her. It's almost as if the melody is moving along with her instead. It takes only one look to fall in love.

She's nearing me. She's nearing me, right? My heart starts to race as her eyes meet mine while she's walking through the audience. Various men are whistling at her as she does so and she just smiles. She's coming closer and closer and all I can do is just look at her as I feel like I'm paralyzed. All I can think of is that I want to know her. I want to know everything.
Only a few more steps. I know exactly what's awaiting. It wasn't my first time in a strip club after all and I'm yearning for it. I want to feel her touch, smell her perfume and hear the sound of her voice. She already has me at the edge of my seat. It's like time was slowing down and the music had faded; like this was all a dream. A dream that shattered into pieces when another man grabbed her wrist and pulled her towards him. He tore her away from me, just like that and now she was dancing for him. that dirty, old man with a laughter of the devil. it infuriated me. I tightened my grip onto my glass of scotch as she laid her hands on the man's shoulder, twirling her hair as his bright eyes scanned the details of her curves. A dirty smile prominent on his facials as his wrinkly hands were placed onto her tiny waist. I couldn't stand it. In one gulp I finished my drink and looked away. I just couldn't look at it, not until she walked away from him. Walking past me and grabbing my attention just like she had before. I had so many questions I wanted to ask her, but my mind didn't seem function anymore.

❝ Wait. ❞, was all I was able to blurt out and miraculously she turned her head around, looking over her shoulder towards me. Her big, wondering eyes looking right back into mine and it stunned me all over again. Did she actually just hear me?

❝ Wh — what's your name? ❞ That was first thing on the long list of things I needed to know about her, although I hated the way the words had left my lips. How was I supposed to impress her like this? I wanted to curse at myself, but then there came that beautiful smile of hers. Lighting up her delicate features before her lips separated to form a pair of words, where after she turned back around and slowly disappeared from my sight.

❝ It's Jeanny. ❞

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