Don't Ever Play As Guest 666.

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I remember a few weeks ago I saw a video on youtube. It explained how getting an add-on on the Google Chrome Web Store you can become Guest 666. I decided to do this since I had nothing to do at the time. I would go on games and troll people until basically, no one was on the server anymore. Then I would go on different games and keep trolling, until an incident that happened a few days ago. I was changing my user ID to 1000666 before entering a game, but then, my screen went black. I thought the power went out since my monitor is connected to a power outlet, then my the screen went back on. Everything seemed fine, or so I thought. I brushed it off my shoulder and continued to keep playing games as Guest 666. I decided to play a game based around Guest 666, I saw a game called Guest 666, around 50 players were playing, and it had nothing in the description and no pictures on the thumbnail. I joined the game thinking it was a normal fan game, I was wrong, and I wish I knew that. It took a while to load, but soon I was in. Except, there wasn't anyone in the game. I knew I joined an empty server, so I tried to exit out of the game. Nothing happened. I tried to go in the menu to leave the game, the only option was to Reset, yet it didn't even say Reset it said Suicide. I knew there was something wrong with this server. I pressed the Suicide button. My computer shut down. I thought that there was no way that's a coincidence. I tried turning on my computer. It booted up normally. That's when I noticed, the Roblox icon, was 666. I'm thinking, did I really get hack. I searched up my username on Roblox just to make sure nothing happened to it. Then my username was censored. This never happened before. I tried to log in, then I got a Chat Message. From Guest 666, saying "It's All Your Fault." Right now I was sweating wishing that I never decided to play as Guest 666. I got another message, "You Can't Get Into Your Account. Stop Trying." I was so confused how did he know that. I tried to exit out of the tab. I couldn't. Then out of nowhere my paged refreshed. What I saw, It's something I can never unsee. It was me, In my room trying to log in my account. It seemed that the picture was outside my room. My computer made a loud screeching noise, I didn't want this. I tried to turn down the volume, nothing happened. That's when the noise stopped. The paged refreshed again. I didn't want to see what's next. Then it was me, on the floor covering my ears from the noise. I got a message from Guest 666. He told me my address. I unplugged my computer. The computer stopped. I haven't plugged it back in for weeks and I haven't talked about Roblox until now, but I still feel as my computer is still watching me and that Guest 666, is also watching me.

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