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Chapter Thirty Three- So Kiss Me

"Maybe he just hates you Em" Tom reasoned, flipping over a grilled cheese and tomato sandwich.

"Yes I am sure that is the reason" Emma scolded him, as he chuckled and rolled his eyes.

"Maybe you just need to hint at him some more" I suggested, shrugging.

"More? I'm practically throwing myself at the guy" She insisted.

"Really and he hasn't gone out with you yet?" Tom asked, raising an eyebrow, stunned. "Not even to get in your bed?"

She quickly picked up our salt shaker and chucked it at his head her shoulder length hair swishing from side to side. He laughed and caught it before it could dent his face.

I looked between them as they bickered at each other, their voices growing louder. "You know, you two would make a great couple."

Immediately their voices and insults came to halt, as they both looked at me with creased eyebrows. "You do realized that one, the two of you are married, and two we fight ninety nine percent of the time?" Emma asked incredulously.

I shrugged grabbing an apple off our fruit basket, "So do we" I retorted, before turning on my heel heading for the living room.

"And whose fault is that?" Tom called.

I spun around, clutching the green apple tightly in my fist, preparing to give him a mouthful, when I shook my head turning back and heading into the living room as I had planned. It wasn't worth it to fight with him anymore, it doesn't help anything as I am trying to find reasons as to why I love him the way I do. But does the damn man have to make it so hard by picking fights with me?...When had everything gone so wrong?

I was almost through the entry way to the open living room when two small children ran around the corner into the kitchen. I quickly got out of Lily and Bryce's way as they would have stampeded their way through me had I not sought for distance. "Hey, what are the two of you doing?" I asked. They both immediately stopped in their tracks and looked up at me with flushed cheeks and ragged breath.

Lily shrugged "We're hungry. Auntie Emma! Your still here?"

Tom playfully scolded her. "Koala  what kind of questions do we not ask?"

Lily huffed and mumbled, "rude ones." Tom smiled proudly before turning back towards his sandwich.

Emma grinned down at the two of them "Well, I was just about to head out soon Miss Lily"

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