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  • Dedicated to Anyone who has ever felt like they're not good enough

'The sun was setting around us, painting the entire sky in oranges, pinks, and yellows. I looked to the farmer boy,a piece of straw was stuck in his hair from the day's work. I reached out daintily to take it, his own rough and dirty hand reached out around mine and he tucked it to his heart. The beat was slow underneath my fingers, while my own heart was about to pulsate out of my chest. His perfect pink lips silently whispered, 'I love you', and my knees went weak.'

'No, no, too cliché.' I though to myself, deleting everything I'd just typed and reaching over beside me, taking a quick sip of my pink lemonade. I wiped off the condensation from my fingers on my sweatpants, then started to type again.

'The sand beneath my feet was grainy and burned me at the touch. I squinted my eyes and attempted to catch sight of the hot lifeguard. He could save my life any day... I giggled, seeing his sleek body coming out of the ocean, blue eyes like crystals-"

"Ugh, no! This is not a teenage girl's fantasy book!" I thought out loud, sinking in my seat as pairs of eyes focused on me. I felt extremely uncomfortable under their incessant stares, attempting to hide behind my laptop screen until they looked away. I tried to type more gently and not attract any more attention to myself.

'The leaves underneath my feet crinkled as I walked through the forest. A few rain drops that had gathered overnight on the leaves of trees hit my head, making me cringe. ' My heart stopped and my blood froze as a loud howl sounded from a mere ten feet away from me, my gaze settling upon a gleaming black wolf with eyes just like the most popular guy in my school-'

My fist slammed onto the table involuntarily. I let out a stifled groan. My enraged fists started to pull at my hair, that I hadn't bothered to put up that morning. A few more glances came my way and I felt like returning them with a death glare. They didn't understand how hard it is to write a bestseller, let alone your sixth.

*Authors Note (April 2020):This story was originally published when I was in high school around 2012-2013. It may contain some internalized misogyny and romanticization of toxic traits.

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