Chapter 10 - to the Welcome Party

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SONG - "Shoot Me" Day6


I feel violated.

The flirty half of me felt proud that a bunch of guys were turned on by me but the other felt like I had no clothes on.

I'm not complaining. I'm proud of my progress and like a fourth of the reason I worked out was because I wanted to see what Debra was so excited about. And now I know.

And now I don't care.


I like Jeremy but it don't mean I can't look. Or does it?



"When a girl..." I stop to think about how to word it, "... has a boyfriend is she allowed to look at other guys?"

Megan pulls down the dress she was admiring, "I hope you aren't asking for my permission to cheat on my brother. You know I'm not going to play those games, sister."

My eyes widen in horror, "Of course not! You know I lik - "

"Good." She pulls the dress up again, "But yeah, as long as you don't have dirty thoughts or want to do other things with other guys."

"I don't," I confirm, "But sometimes a guy passes by and I can't help but wonder how much time God took with him." I place my hands where my heart is and fake sigh.

Usually I try to keep my dirty thoughts to a minimum but when people like Johnny Depp and William Levy exist, I crumble into bits of desire. Did that sound weird?


Suddenly feeling lightheaded, I sit up slowly. Megan stares at me with a smirk.

"Did you just..." I wet my lips, "Throw a pillow at me?" Not that it would be the first time.

"I wanted to whack some sense into you." She jumps beside me, "If Jeremy heard that he'd have a tantrum and lock you in closet."

"Which wouldn't work because I would escape," I explain. "He tried that once when he caught me ogling Victor but in my defense," I raise my hands up quickly when she grabs another pillow. "The guy has a nice butt. It looked especially squishy that time and I just wanted to know if his butt ever broke his fall."

Megan facepalms, "I can't with you." She puts up her hand, "I'm not a racist but I swear to my mother, Rest In Peace, you are a white Mexican."

I stop to think, "You're white too."

"Half, don't discriminate my other brothers."

We laugh.

We have been searching for the right outfits to take to the welcoming party tonight. The alpha wanted to give us a proper welcoming since he wants me to 'forgive' the pack for their mistakes. But we both know he doesn't want to lose the partnership he has with us. We are his only hope after all.

And Chase didn't make me feel any better about it. When the Beta told us, Chase was right beside him and he wouldn't stop staring at me. It made my heart ache and I just hate knowing that he knows how it makes me feel.

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