4: My mind is in overdrive

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4: My mind is in overdrive

His hands held me firmly in place as he thrust himself against me, faster each time he moved his mouth up and down my neck. My body quivered from head to toe as he gracefully kissed my skin. I cried out in pure ecstasy as his hand dragged down my arm slowly, his fingers tracing my soft skin.

When my hand was freed from his, it shot it to the back of his head, grabbing a fistful of his hair as I pulled his face to meet mine. He moved his lips down my neck again and ripped open my pajamas so that he could kiss me down to my belly button. I opened my eyes to look down at him expecting to see someone I once had a crush on, but instead the man had no face.

I don’t mean his face was a shadow or a giant blur, there was literally nothing there. Instead of features it was just a smooth, straight shot of darkened skin, with only a pair of soft lips.

He stopped kissing me to look directly at me, at least I thought he was looking at me, his head tilted to one side as his finger stroked my cheek. My chest was heaving from my excitement and I could feel his breath on me as he panted. His hands began moving down toward my waist as his lips met with mine once more. As our tongues danced with each other I moaned….

Sweat dripped down my back as I shot up from bed. My heart was racing and every limb in my body tingled. It wasn’t exactly as I pictured my first sex dream would be, not that I really thought about having them much. I couldn’t help asking myself who was that man and why was his face nothing more than lips. Despite the fact I was sweating, I wasn’t hot and I felt like my body was completely drained of its energy.

With the back of my arm, I wiped the sweat from my brow and pulled my tied hair away from the neck it clung to for dear life. There was no way of really knowing what prompted me to have that dream, but I never wanted to go back to sleep less than I did in that moment. There had to be a reason I was dreaming of that man and I wanted to know who he was with every fiber of my being.

Thunder banged outside with every illuminating crack of lightning. I could hear the patter of the rain as it was brushed against my window by the wind. I pushed myself out of bed and moved to look outside.

To that point sex was never anything I really ever thought about. Truthfully I had only had one real crush in my lifetime and it never amounted to anything as the guy clearly preferred Jez to me. But I had never had a dream about having sex with him. It was simply not in my mindset. But yet there it was in all its dirty glory bouncing around in my head.

Carefully, I opened my window to allow the cool air inside. I liked my window. It had a small patch of patio roof top angling downward outside of it, just big enough that I could climb out on a nice evening and sit on top of it, but not so big that I couldn’t see the yard or the street below from the inside.

With the rain pouring down I didn’t dare push open my screen to climb out. I just hopped up onto the window seat and looked out. The rain sprayed through the screen making my pajamas even wetter, but I didn’t care. The air was shaking the feeling from me. In truth, the dream disturbed me just as much as I enjoyed it. The growl of a dog outside caught my attention.

A black dog—I thought it was a Labrador but I couldn’t quite tell from that distance—sat on its haunches, growling at the street. I could just make out its tail swishing frantically, its ears pointed backward. Wanting to see what the dog was growling at I squinted in direction of the street.

A thick layer of fog had settled on the ground, and it was only partially illuminated by the street lights and flashes of lightning—not enough to see anything that the dog may have been growling at. The dog’s growls got louder and it started barking. Worried it would wake my parents, I threw on my rain jacket, quietly crept downstairs and stepped outside.

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