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"Steve, you've lost your mind

"Steve, you've lost your mind."

"Steven, you've got to learn when to loosen up."

Steve Trevor and his fellow spy, Steve Rogers, walked through the heavily German protected compound deep in the Ottoman Empire. They were only here for recon, to act as eyes and ears for the allies but somehow the one the good guys had jokingly called "the smart Steve" had found his way to the heart of it all and was minutes away from having them discovered. The two were practically on the heels of General Ludendorff, the German leader and their assigned mission, as he walked into the small factory. The place smelled like metal and gun powder, a trait that itched Steve Roger's nose as he walked behind his partner and best friend. He desperately wanted to scratch at the tip of his nose or even pull at the tightly wound clothes that itched his skin but instead he occupied his mind with other things. They were spies here, and despite every part of his instincts retreating from this place he couldn't leave his fellow comrade, they'd been through too much to go without one another now.

They were nearing certain death the longer they followed this man, at any moment he could turn and potentially expose them for who they truly were, or if he took a closer look at Rogers, capture him yet again. Here, where ally forces were hundreds of miles away it was not safe and yet he blindly followed his best friend because his faith in everything the brown haired male did was incorruptible. The tips of his fingers buzzed with energy, eyes wandering every so often the longer they were in this warehouse. Dr. Poison was here, they both could sense it, she was concocting something big to murder half of Europe and it was their mission to catch wind of it, and if either Steve could, they'd stop it.

Steve Rogers clenched his fist inside the pockets of his thick jacket, growing restless the longer he had to watch soldier construct bombs that would kill his fellow allies. He'd already seen too much, been through too much, already lost too many of his friends and certainly spent too long sitting by and doing nothing. Dr. Poison was the reason he'd turned into what he was, used him as a lab rat for months on end to the point of near insanity. It'd been Trevor who had saved him but not before having been drastically altered, despite this though Rogers had vowed to end this war and Dr. Poison with it. He'd expected that long ago and yet here he was, watching as more bombs were carved with his friends names and even stepped in line of a potential bullet with his own on it.

"Rogers," his eyes flickered away from the precise work being done to his friends subtle head nod. He followed the direction and came upon a makeshift office, where behind a cheap glass Poison and Ludendorff were talking animatedly, bits and pieces floating their way. It was all things they'd heard before, scraps of material the allies had already pieced together and frankly it was nothing new.

Still, this didn't deter either of them as they separated, pretending to inspect the work of some of the missiles. Rogers kept his head down, out of Poison's eyesight as he knew there was a possibility she'd recognize him, he ran his fingers over the smooth surface of one missile as half of his mind thought over how to disable just this one while he paid attention to scraps of their conversation. He listened until their backs were turned, and that was when he took a few steps forward, still working under the facade of inspection.

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