Chapter 21 ~ An Unexpected Visit

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Chapter 21 ~ An Unexpected Visit

Now I seriously wanted to murder Chloe.

I looked over at Jake," Tell me it's not true." I begged. I did not want it to be true. I begged the moon goddess for this to be just a cruel joke.He sighed," Look I know it may be weird for two friends-" I cut him off," TWO FRIENDS!!!! TWO FUCKING FRIENDS!!!!! SHE HAS FUCKING BULLIED ME FOR THE PAST 3 YEARS OF MY LIFE OR MAYBE EVEN MORE THAT I CANT EVEN REMEMBER!!!!!WE WERE NEVER FRIENDS!!!!! I HATE HER!!!!" I yelled at him I was so furious. Jake just looked at me in disbelief while Chloe had a smirk on her face.

All of a sudden, I began to shake and tremble. I could feel fur coming out of my skin. Was I changing into my wolf? But I'm only 15! Well no I'm actually 17. Aiden must have noticed the fur because he growled an 'excuse us' and then took us back outside to the front porch and hugged the life out of me trying to calm me down. He stroked my hair which made me call down faster than you can say 'I'm gonna kill da bitch'.

"You okay?" he whispered in my ear which sent shivers down my spine. "Yeah" I nodded. I pulled away from him. " What happened in there?" He asked me crossing his arms while leaning on the door, which made his muscles flex. I blew a puff of breath out frustrated," Nothing just Chloe acting like the bitch she is." I answered. Aiden raised his eyebrow clearly not believing me. Should I tell him about the dreams? My memory? No. I should keep that a secret. " Did you know about Chloe, you know, being my brother's mate?" I asked him. He sighed," I knew he had a mate and that it was a vampire but I didn't know who it was." "But aren't we sworn enemies with the vampires?" I looked at him confused. " I guess but I did hear that since your brother's mate is a vampire then they're trying to make a peace treaty with them." My headache began to grow as my confusion did too. Why would the moon goddess make a vampire and a werewolf mates? Even after the Great War? It didn't make any sense but I knew I had to find out.

Aiden stared at me expecting me to tell him the real reason I started to beat the crap out of Chloe. I sighed," Look it's just hard accepting that my sworn enemy is mates with my brother ok." His eyes softened as he approached me. He gave me another hug as I relaxed in his arms. " I know babe, I know. Let's go talk to your parents and then we'll go for some ice cream later ok." I smiled like a little girl," Yay! Ice cream!" Aiden laughed at my childish gesture as we entered the house.


We entered the kitchen hand in hand. My parents were sitting down at the front of a dinner table. Jake and Chloe were sitting to the right of them while the couple with their little girl sat to their left. " So what's about this memory loss I'm hearing about?" Asked my dad. I looked over at Aiden knowing he could explain better than I could. " Well you see sir, you know most of it already how she was kidnapped by the hunters and....." As Aiden began to explain how I had woken up and forgotten everything I noticed Chloe was very fidgety. She also looked nervous. " So your saying my daughter has forgotten 2 years of her life?" Aiden nodded. The boy with blonde hair looked angry and hurt," So she doesn't know who we are?" He pointed to himself and his family. I shook my head as my headache increased even more. I a uddenly began to feel dizzy. My vision was filled with black dots. I started to sway a little. "Jade are you ok?" Aiden asked. I nodded as I felt the world turn black and myself fall into strong comfy arms.



I was in a field of flowers laying in the grass. Suddenly day became night in an instant. The moon was out in a full moon. It's light illuminating everything that it touched. Suddenly the moon got brighter and brighter as a figure descended from it. I stared at the figure in a was I saw it was the moon goddess. Her hair was a long and and silver. She wore a long sleeved dress that flew in the wind. It had a sweet heart neckline and all the phases of the moon on it. It looked as if they were moving, circling around her. She had bright silver eyes, high cheek bones, and small pink lips. She slowly approached me.

" Hello dear." Her soft voice rang in my ears.

" Hello your excellence." I replied as I bowed.

She laughed," No need for that dear. I just came to warn you."

" Warn me about what?"

" Another Great War is coming."

" Against who?"

" Vampires and hunters. They can not be trusted."

" I knew they couldn't but why are you telling me this your highness?"

" You my dear have special powers that have not fully developed yet until your 18th birthday or until your fully mated. But since of your memory loss your powers and your wolf are lost somewhere in the Land of the Beginning."

" Land of the Beginning?"

" Yes. Every wolf lives there while they are waiting to be claimed by their other half. Your wolf Silver is lost there. Since you think your 15 then your mind is not prepared for a wolf but your body is. She is slowly returning back to you. Once she does your memories will come back with her."

" When will that happen?" I asked as the light of the moon began to dim. " When the time comes my dear when the time comes. Remember good things come to those who wait." She replied as she disappeared into the light of the moon.

~ End of Dream ~


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