Bora Bora Part 2.

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Late. We were so late that it wasn't even funny. After our "late night" activities last night I helped Y/n pack and we went to bed but when we woke up this morning we didn't really stick to schedule....if you get what I mean and right now we were rushing around making sure we have everything.

Y/n:"Bags are in the car and passports are in the car as well..."She yelled from downstairs making me grab hers and my backpack running downstairs.

Hailey:"Okay...I got our phones, chargers and all the other stuff we need"I said making her nod and grab the keys.

Y/n:"Perfect...lets go"She said making me nod and walk out the door while she locked the house up. She ran to the car and opened the door for me sending me a smile making me peck her lips and hop in. She ran to her side and started the car backing out the driveway and speeding to the airport.

Hailey:"The girls are gonna murder us"I said making her sigh and focus on the road. I was busy on my phone when I got a text from Bella.

I rolled my eyes at the text and put my phone away and looked out the window

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I rolled my eyes at the text and put my phone away and looked out the window. I felt a hand on mines intertwining our fingers and kissing them slightly making me smile and kiss her cheek. We arrived at the airport and grabbed our luggage walking in to see the everyone talking. They all turned to us and smirked.

Abel:" Well...look who deicide to join us "He said making me look down and avoid eye contact while Y/n chuckled.

Y/n:"I'm going to go and check in our bags babe...I'll be back in a few "She said making me nod and peck her lips making her smile "Want anything? "She asked.

Bella:"Yeah Hails..need anything? "She asked making me blush and Y/n chuckle and shake her head.

Y/n:"Do you need anything girls?" She asked making them nod and bite their lips.

Kylie: "Yes actually..."She said making Y/n nod for her to continue "Could you buy some snacks...Just in case we get hungry" She said making Y/n chuckle and nod.

Y/n:"Sure thing...I'll get you what you usually have"She said turning to me making me nod and peck her lips once more.

Zayn:"We'll join...."He said dragging her away with the guys laughing.

Taco:"Oh Romeo...."He said making Y/n shove him a little and take out bags to check in. I sat down next to Gigi and saw them all looking at me smirking.

Gigi:"Y/n seems happy...wonder what you did to make her that happy"She said wiggling her eyebrows.

Kendall:"I think it starts with a s and ends with a-"

Hailey:"Can you'll shut up!"I said blushing a little making them laugh and sit next to me.

Bella:"I'm pretty sure Hails has more sex then all of us combined"She said making me turn a darker shade of red.

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