Part 8

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James walked out of the dark room at full speed; he was a man with a purpose.

"Here is the sample." He put the full cup on the table beside the old lady nurse; he looked at Nadine who was sitting in a chair on the other side of the room, her cheeks were a little pink and the look she gave him was full of wonder and hesitation... He couldn't allow the hesitation. He walked directly to her and grabbed her hand to pull her out of the room "If you will excuse us, have a nice day." He said over his shoulder as Nadine tries to say a proper goodbye to the old lady, bowing and all that, but they had more urgent matters to attend.

"Have Fun." He could hear the old lady saying. She was actually laughing when the door closed behind them. He nodded to the receptionist and walked directly to the elevators.

"James are you okay?" Nadine asked puzzled as James pushed her into the elevator and he pressed the basement level button. "You look agitated are you really..."

He was kissing her again the moment the elevator door closed and she was kissing him back without a second thought. But this time there was no groping, no, it was just the meeting of lips slow and sensual, her senses taking a jump as she let him do whatever he wanted. "You're a really really good kisser James..." Nadine said in a whisper the moment he stepped away to give them some breathing time.

"Thank you." He smiled at her and added "You are a good kisser too, I like this side of you, you are really responsive..." He pecked her lips again. "I love that" he whispered against her lips before kissing her again, moving things a little faster wrapping her waist in his arms to bring her closer and taking his time to lick her lower lip until she moaned for more than that cruel tease...

He ran to his side of the car and jumped in, he turned the engine on and the air conditioner. "Your place or mine?"

He didn't get the answer he was waiting because before he knew Nadine was pulling him by the neck to bringing him closer, her kisses were desperate and full of promises as she ran her hands in his hair, pulling and pushing at the same time, making the kiss deeper. He reached for her, holding her by the waist but it was not enough she was too far away, just a little pull and Nadine was crawling to squeeze between the wheel of the car and his body, she was frantically kissing him holding his face but still they were not close enough, he reached under the seat and pulled the handle to move the seat back, giving more space to Nadine as she straddled him. Chest to chest, core to core... It was pure heaven...

Words failed him to express how much he loved how she gave herself completely to the moment, sometimes she was too responsive for her own good, like right now... Thank God he had really black tinted windows... She pressed her body closer and James groaned as her hips began a desperate dance on his lap, too bad he had just spend himself in the dark room, if not for that... Oh, but he surely could help her with her urgent need...

His hands began to run over her back, moving slowly up and down, giving a counterpoint to her desperate grinding against him. His hands made a sensual slow dance to her backside, squeezing a little as she hugged him with a desperation she couldn't understand. She has never been like this before, but James had a way to drive her crazy with just looking at her...

She should be scared, but in moments like this between his arms, she couldn't care less. She felt one of his hands leaving her backside, moving up under shirt and bra to hold one of her breast in his hands. He began to draw slow circles with his thumb and her skin heated a thousand times over more. She stopped kissing him to bury her head on his neck as she kept grinding harder against his lap.

"James please..." She didn't know where that desperate plea came from, but she was grateful because it moved him into action as his hand on her backside moved to the front of her pants quickly unbuttoning and lowering the zipper of her jeans. His thumb pressing against her pleasure point as his other hand grabbed her shirt and bra to push it up out of the way as his mouth found her untouched breast and began to lick and suck hard, in time with his light caressing of her pleasure point... She was getting so close, she could feel it, she began to pant harder, arch her back to him, giving him access to receive her deeper into his mouth. Her knees hurt but the ragging need to obtain release was so great that she couldn't care less; she was too close to stop now.

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