Part 7

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Clinics were a scary place, especially fertility-slash-family clinics... More so if all you wanted was a baby and you couldn't get it... But then you step inside this place and all you can see are pregnant women, babies and toddlers in every corner. Yes, Dr. Cruz's family clinic was a very scary place. He was well known between the medical circle and his advances in this field even have got some international awards, that is why Tricia have chosen him and that is why she have decided to try with him too.

She was really not prepared for this, but James has insisted so much even managing to steal her phone and make an urgent appointment in her name. He was doing more than what was necessary, things were getting more complicated but deep inside she was grateful to him for pushing her forward and do this.

She looked around the room and again she felt scared, people looked happy with their babies but she was feeling just plain empty and this was doing her no good. She actually hesitated in the entrance of the clinic when a very pregnant woman passed by walking in front of them with her two year old baby boy grabbing one of her hands, if not for James' sharp tug forward as he pulled the hand he have been holding the whole time, she would have started crying again right there.

James looked at her and she could see the understanding in his eyes, but she couldn't deal with the sympathy so she ended turning her gaze away from him.

"Nadine Lustre, we have an appointment for 1 o clock" James said to the receptionist, as he squeezed her hand in acknowledgement of her request... Better not talk about it...

"Oh, right you are the emergency from this morning." The lady in the reception looked at her notes in front of her and added "Luckily another patient cancelled her appointment. The doctor should be here in a few minutes, he left to attend a scheduled c-section. Please take a seat; we will call your name as soon as he is here."

"Thanks." James answered to the lady as he moved forward to take a seat in the corner of the waiting room. The waiting room was huge as many other doctors worked in this floor in Dr. Cruz's family clinic from OB-GYNE to pediatrics, it was a complete and successful business idea, treat them to get pregnant, follow them up until delivery and then provide the pediatric care their children needed. Yes it was a very successful business, more so when his achievement as a doctor were so many and spoke for themselves.

They waited for a long while, James holding her hand as she tried to ignore the toddlers playing in the little playground in the other corner of the room. They were laughing and screaming and giggling and she just couldn't bear to look in that direction, she felt totally miserable.

James went to talk to the receptionist again, because they have been waiting for a long time, when a lady hurriedly took the empty seat on her other side.

"Mrs. Could you help me please?" Nadine turned her head to see the lady beside her and was more than shocked when the woman put a baby in her arms. The baby was crying and the woman looked frantic. "Just hold her for a moment, I forgot her formula in the car and it's her time to eat, it won't take long, I promise!"

Before Nadine could even open her mouth to say something, the lady was already rushing out the door, leaving the baby bag beside her. Nadine looked blankly at the door for a long while until she remembered that the noise of a baby crying was coming from the baby in her arms. She looked down and her breath stopped the moment she locked eyes with the baby. She was so cute, with her pink bow clip holding together the little hair she had in her head, she was red for too much crying and her tear stained face moved her into action. Instinctively she began to rock the baby as she began to sign to her a song her mother always sang to her when she was little.

For some kind of miracle the baby stopped crying enthralled with her voice as she kept rocking her from side to side. Nadine didn't know how much time passed, but she felt happy when the baby gave a little sleepy yawn. She lowered her singing voice to a whisper, until the baby felt asleep in her arms, for a long while she just stayed looking at the baby and her heart began to bleed for real. She suppressed the urge to cry and rested the baby is head on her shoulder as she closed her eyes, just enjoying the feeling of holding her in her arms.

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