Bora Bora Part 1.

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I was so excited to go on vacation with everyone including Y/n since we haven't really had time to hang out together and with all the drama that happened I think we all really needed this vacation. We were all were running around today packing our stuff and getting ready since we were leaving tomorrow and so far it was going really well....not really.

Y/n:"I'm going to kill Freya!"She said trying to get hold of her older sister. We all finish pack and stuff so we decided to help Y/n out since she spent the  whole day talking to some people she knew in Bora Bora sorting out the activity part of the trip.

Kylie:"Y/n I'm a hundred percent sure that Freya didn't take half of your wardrobe to London with her"She said making Y/n turn and glare at her.

Y/n:"You don't think do you....go in my closet and look"She said making Kylie roll her eyes and walk to her closet while we all sat quietly and watched Y/n call her sister and curse the phone looking like a crazy person  but a cute crazy person to me. Kylie walked out the closet and looked down making Y/n groan and face plant on the bed"See!"She said muffled making me laugh a little along with the others.

Kendall:"Take it as a compliment Y/n/ least you have good style"She said making Y/n groan  more. Suddenly her phone went off making her sit up and answer it rather pissed may I add.

Y/n:"Freya Y/l/n why the hell would you take my clothes?!"She said making us all hold in our laughs as she had Freya on speaker..

Freya:" have nice clothes and its make me feel better when I'm away from home to have a little piece of you"She said making Y/n huff.

Y/n:"Okay firstly you have way more clothes then me, secondly we have the same style and thirdly that's bullshit..."She said making us all laugh at this point.

Freya:"You let Hanna borrow your clothes!"She said making Y/n look at her phone like she was talking to an alien or something.

Y/n:" That's because you take her clothes to! and she ends up having nothing to wear"She said making us all die of laughter at this point.

Taco:"This shit is gold!"He said making us all nod. I know we shouldn't be laughing but Y/n Y//l/n fighting about clothes is just amazing considering she doesn't even care about what she wears half of the time. They were argueing back and forth till Y/n sighed and sat down.

Y/n:"Freya I'm going on vacation and have nothing to wear!"She said frustrated.

Freya:"I know and I'm sorry"She said making Y/n sigh and rub her temples.

Y/n:"Its fine...I'll find something to put together so don't worry about it"She said cutting the call with Freya and then started texting someone making all wonder who she would be texting. She then grabbed her jacket and her keys heading downstairs leaving us dumbfounded.

Bella:"Where are you going?" She asked as we all followed her downstairs.

Y/n:"To buy new clothes since I literally have nothing to wear"She said making us look at each other.

Zayn:"We'll come"He said making her sigh and open the door.

Y/n:" Nah its might end up laughing anyways.."She answered annoyed making us sigh.


Y/n:"Its fine... Kim and Khloe are gonna help me anyways. Bye"She  said closing the door leaving us all in silence.

Gigi:" I feel bad"She said making us all nod.

Abel:"Her sister couldn't have taken that much clothes"He said makng Kylie sit down and nod.

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