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Consumer of Death

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I sat down sighing to carry on with my everyday work when a voice startled behind me.

"Mia, do you want to go on an adventure with me and a couple of my friends this weekend?" Monty asked, throwing his childish grin. That and his sneaking up, always wakes me up in the morning. I don't need coffee. Thanks Monty. I like him, he is a good friend.

"Good morning to you as well, Monty. I see evil behind that grin. What type of adventure are you talking about?" I asked beaming with interest.

"Oh, it is just this house out of town; two-hour drive. Nothing big." he replied casually. Too casually almost as if he was faking it.

"I know that tone of voice Monty, spill the truth." I demanded.

"Alright, alright. Its this isolated house that's been known to be haunted over a 100 years!" he exclaimed out of excitement.

"Oh, you have got to be kidding. I need to get back to work. And if what you say is true, I quote you to "Stay Away" , haunted or not, there could be a reason why its isolated." I stated. Joke or not, I believe there is a force in nature that needs to be left undisturbed.

"Mia, come on, I know you want to! They even say people who get in do not come back. Its got to be a rumor, but how cool would it be if we get to prove otherwise?" he replied.

He is right, I do want to. I drifted into my thoughts; I have of course heard of that building, for some reason I am attracted to know/read about paranormal stuff. I know exactly which building he is referring and its history behind. The "Franklin Castle", named after one of the most popular haunted houses in Ohio because of its similar history. Monty's voice pulled me back to my senses.

"Hey day dreamer, give me an answer, would you?" he demanded looking at me curiously.

"Fine. But I should warn you, I know about that building, its history and I have a bad feeling about it." I said truthfully. It is a bad sign that there has been way too many deaths in one house and none of them were normal, to add to that, I cannot shake this feeling away that something bad will happen if we go there. But still I agreed to go because I do love adventure.

I could see his excitement when I agreed to go with him; he started planning our trip.


It was Saturday and three hours to midnight when we started from the meet up point. I wondered why it has to be during the night whilst enjoying the road trip.

We reached the destination in two hours as Monty promised; although he forgot to mention that it is another twenty-five minute walk into the forest from halt.

I stepped into the not-so-dense forest with eagerness followed by Monty, Ed and Dina. Luckily there was a trail leading to the house. Our hiking towards the destination was quiet, so quiet that I could hear the cry of a distant wolf, bats flying over us, owls hooting - maybe giving a warning not to go any further! - We reached the Franklin Castle in less than twenty-minutes.

There it was, a four storey building covered with black dust almost as if the building was a remains of a fire burn. It was a camouflage for the night itself. It stood there all alone surrounded by the forest which made me realize, the twenty-minute hike would have to be from its gate which supposedly is not there anymore.

I walked towards the building and I completely forgot I had company and froze when I heard a twig crack behind me. I turned to see who it was, thank god it was Monty and the others.

"You need to catch up!" I mocked.

"Huh, speedy. Since you are in such a hurry why don't you get in first." Monty said sarcastically.

"Not a chance, it's your idea, you go in first and shout out an "A Okay" only then I will go in." I demanded.

He agreed and entered the building with the others. I stood there in the dark, under the cold breeze waiting for his shout out. It was a while,I did not hear anyone's voice. I started to worry, because the longer I waited my gut feeling started becoming more stronger. I did not like that.

"Monty! Are you there? This is not funny, answer me!" I called out. No answer. So I took a deep breath and decided to go in.

I put my right foot in and the moment that happened, I felt a gush of breeze brush me. I panicked. I wished we never had taken this trip and tried to remove the foot back. It was too late I guess, I felt an invisible force pull me in and everything went pitch black. 

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